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Visualizing Paper Waste

VISUALIZING PAPER WASTE ARE YOU STILL ARE YOU STILL ARE YOU STILL FILLING PRINTING THE HANGING ON TO THAT OUT EMPLOYEE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK? FILING CABINET? PAPERWORK BY HAND? ASIDE FROM BEING A HUGE BURDEN ON THE ENVIRONMENT, IT'S A DRAIN ON YOUR TIME AND YOUR MONEY. How much paper do we use? fMi afteftefte In 2010, the US generated 5,260,000 That weight is equal to more •23,377 tons of office paper waste. [1]O than Statues of Liberty. (2] The cost of Paper For medical offices, patient records can be An average office worker goes anywhere from 50 to 600 pages or more. through 10,000 sheets of LELb paper a year. Not only is this an On average, IS inefficient way to $120 in labor A case of paper costs $40 on average. [3] That's $80 A YEAR handle patient Is LOST for every misfiled document. [3] per worker. 13] documentation, It's expensive. Paperless is Now Say an employee has to read or fil out 25 pages upon hiring. That takes up less than 0.01% of a 4GB flash Theoretically, 4GB could store hiring paperwork from 10,000 employees. 4GB tttttttttt x 1,000 A 150 page handbook is equal to 300 MB. drive. (4) That takes up less than 7.5% of a 4GB flash drive. For 50 employees, that data would equal Say an 18" deep, 3 drawer filing cabinet holds about 120,590 pages. 6 copies of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare- (4) That is over 2401MB. Which uses a little over 59% of a 4GB flash drive. A ITB externa! drive saves 50,000 trees or 500 million sheets of paper. (41 YY YN CÓI N T But what about backing things up? Backing up is Online Storage External Drives Backup CDs a good, Online storage spaces As an alternative necessary are available for free or to paper copies. with a paid subscription. practice that isn't hard. Use. Don't be left behind. 1 your office still flutters every time the air conditioner kicks on or the fan blows your way, you should be making the move to paperless today. Sources [1] MSW_Tables_and_Figures_508.pdf [2] [3] [4] 59%

Visualizing Paper Waste

shared by Amcoffey on Nov 28
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Are you still printing the employee handbook? Are you still hanging on to that filing cabinet? Are you still filling out employee paper work by hand? Aside from being a huge burden on the environment,...




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