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Visual Gold! The New Revolution of Content Marketing

Created by COLUMN FIVE Marketo STRUCTURING A CONTENT MARKETING CAMPAIGN OF VISUAL GOLD VISUAL GOLD Words: there are simply too many of them in many content marketing cam- paigns. The truth is, content is evolving, and consumers are increasingly rejecting white papers and webinars as their main source of content con- sumption. The future of content marketing is found in visual content: info- graphics, photos, videos, memes, and other engaging content that captivates a viewer. Read on to learn how you too can build your content marketing campaign into a solid structure of visual gold. THE NEW REVOLUTION: VISUAL IS THE FUTURE Weighty Words Death by Text Visual Solution EVERY DAY WE ARE WE DON'T HAVE VISUAL CONTENT IS BURIED WITH WORDS. ENOUGH TIME TO READ THE SOLUTION TO THE ALL THE CONTENT WE PROBLEM. WANT TO CONSUME. IT COMES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES VISUAL CONTENT CAN BE CREATED IN A VARIETY OF FORMATS. A WELL-MANICURED VISUAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN WILL UTILIZE A STRATEGIC COMBINATION OF ALL OF THESE. THE PURPOSE AND FUNCTION OF EACH FORMAT: COMICS PHOTOS Share a single thought in an extremely shareable and viral format. Engage customers by showing the world your personal side via photo-sharing sites such as Flickr and Instagram. MEMES Use memorable VIDEOS Provide video to teach images in combina- tion with a single line your customers more about your products and help to establish of text to establish a viral presence. your company as an industry leader. INFOGRAPHICS Tell a story with data, VISUAL NOTE-TAKING copy, and illustrations. Use visual notetaking to express your stream of thoughts and ideas in a visually engaging manner. HE FIVE PILLARS OF VISUAL MARKETING Create a Compelling Story: All visual content falls short if it serves no purpose. Give your readers value by providing them with a compelling story. Choose the right type of content: Determine which medium will get the most eyes on your content, and provide your readers with the most value. Find the right partnerd: Partner with 3rd party industry experts to help you curate and promote your content. Tocus on great design and branding: Increase brand awareness by implementing brand colors logo, and appeal to the emotions with beautiful design. Promote your content strategically: Get the most eyes on your content by promoting it across social channels and 3rd party publications. THE INFOGRAPHIC: MORE THAN CANDY FOR THE EYES A WELL EXECUTED INFOGRAPHIC IS YOUR BEST FRIEND AS IT WILL SERVE A VARIETY OF PURPOSES. THEY COME IN THREE FORMATS: STATIC MOTION INTERACTIVE USE STATIC INFOGRAPHICS USE MOTION INFOGRAPHICS USE INTERACTIVE INFO- TO TELL A STORY AND TO TO APPEAL THE EMOTIONS GRAPHICS TO DISPLAY TEACH PEOPLE ABOUT YOUR AND CONVEY YOUR MESSAGE LARGE AMOUNTS OF DATA BRAND AND PRODUCT. IN A POWERFUL WAY. WITH EASE, WHILE PROVID- ING THE VIEWER WITH AN ENGAGING EXPERIENCE. PROMOTION & DISTRIBUTION: SHARE YOUR STORY YOU'VE CREATED ALL YOUR CONTENT, BUT YOU MUST GET EYES ON IT IN ORDER FOR IT TO HAVE AN IMPACT. HERE'S HOW YOU DO IT. Open For Leads ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION DISTRIBUTE CONTENT Get additional eyes for your content by: Make your content easily accessible and shareable by providing: Marketo Targeted social buttons Aworking embed code Partner and co-brand Build relationships YOU'RE NOW READY TO GET OUT THERE AND CREATE AMAZING CONTENT. LET THE CAMPAIGN BEGIN! ex

Visual Gold! The New Revolution of Content Marketing

shared by Marketo on Dec 05
Content is evolving and marketers need to expand their content marketing strategy to include visual elements into their overall mix. The problem is that customer and prospects have less time for weig...


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