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Visceral Emotions in Graphic Design: Inspirational Design Thinking

VISCERAL EMOTIONS IN GRAPHIC DESIGN INSPIRATIONAL DESIGN THINKING What Visceral Design does to the customer? Well, it creates an instant connection for your customers, enhancing the moment for them. That, in turn, triggers memories of past experiences, which makes the connection even stronger, and increases the importance of your product when compared to all others. VISCERAL DESIGN IS ALL ABOUT INSTANT EMOTIONAL IMPACT! Skills Required Proximity,whitespace, color balance, research and grouping techniques Survival Threat Reproductive Fear Happiness Loss Oblivion Emotional Triggers that a designer ! incorporates In Design Look Advertising Feel Social Media What Where Product dominates Visceral Packaging Visceral Design? Design is used? Sound Basis on which designers can create Visceral Reactions Old Brain Triggers Emotional Human Subconscious Human Social Potential Illusions Manipulation Cognition Control Triggers Energy Visceral reactions are ingrained in our genome. The responses are consistent in all cultures, genders, and demographics. Consequently, visceral design provides expected responses in all marketing campaigns. (g*) /+LOGODESIGNGURUCORP in) /COMPANY/LOGODESIGNGURU thJnk design @LOGODESIGNGURU f) /LOGODESIGNGURU SPINN ING DESIGN IDE AS

Visceral Emotions in Graphic Design: Inspirational Design Thinking

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Customers today buy designs and not really the products themselves. For instance, when you go to a shop to purchase a bottle of water. There are numerous brands available. However, you choose one bran...


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