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Virtual Team Management Checklist

VIRTUAL TEAM MANAGEMENT • CHE C K L IST• If you've ever managed a virtual team member or an entire remote team before, you know how difficult it can be to keep everyone aligned. We've created a checklist of the processes, tools, and mindsets you'll need to create solutions for those challenges and keep your virtual team on point. .---------- PROCESSES Welcome STANDARDIZED ON-BOARDING OPERATIONS DOCUMENT COMMUNICATION GUIDEBOOK CONTACT INFORMATION SHEET A How-To packet of info for new hires. Steps on where to turn or what to do next to keep work going. Guidelines on how to communicate with the Details on how to team. contact all coworkers. REGULAR MEETINGS Q3 2014 MONTHLY OR REVIEW Schedule them with individuals and with the To measure and provide big-picture feedback about team and individual progress. entire team. FACE-TO-FACE TIME TIME ZONE SENSITIVITY SMART HIRING Pay for people to come together once in a while for team building events. Or, use video calls in lieu of voice calls. Rotate meeting times so the same people aren't always waking up early or staying up late. Always test if new hires are cut out for the virtual work with an evaluation period. TOOLS SCREEN CAPTURE So you can "point" at your screen and say, "This is what I saw!" INSTANT MESSENGER So you can "run into each other in the kitchen" or share funny links you found on the internet. COLLABORATION So you can easily work together on task planning and execution. SCREENSHARING So you can show colleagues what's on your screen right now. CLOUD FILE SHARING So you can store relevant files and people can access them at any time communications guidebook, operations document). .g. contact information list, MIND SETS CELEBRATE ACHIEVEMENTS Come in Work extra hard to make sure your isolated team feels appreciated. Celebrate every small and large achievement. WE'RE OPEN BE CLIQUE-AWARE BE AVAILABLE Your existing team might be Can people come to you for help? Consider regular weekly online office hours. resistant to a new hire. Go out of your way to include new employees in the informal chatting and bonding. ENCOURAGE CHATTING Humans are social creatures. Share life updates, fun news, and celebrity gossip. Casual bonding strengthens a team and keeps ideas flowing. 12 EMBRACE DIFFERENCES ALLOW FLEXIBLE WORK HOURS 3 Don't allow your team to view cultural differences as setbacks or Let people to work at their best hours of the day, not your best hours of the day. barriers. Encourage varied 6 opinions. RUNNING A VIRTUAL TEAM OFTEN O TAKES MORE WORK THAN RUNNING A CO-LOCATED TEAM BUT IT ISN'T IMPOSSIBLE. IF YOU CAN CHECK OFF EVERY ITEM ON THIS LIST, YOUR VIRTUAL TEAM IS WELL ON ITS WAY TO SUCCESS. Wrike Want to learn more about Brought to you by running a virtual team? Download our PDF guide: Award-Winning Project Management and Collaboration Software

Virtual Team Management Checklist

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Describing about how to manage team virtually by using a checklist of activities



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