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Virgin Pulse: Curb the Distractions

CURB THE DISTRACTIONS Let's face it - no matter what industry you operate in, your employees are up against a whole host of daily distractions. From email and text messages, to chatty co-workers, stressful assignments, and online activities like browsing daily flash sales, a laundry list of interruptions beg for employees' attention. WONDERING HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM BOOST THEIR FOCUS? THE ANSWER MAY NOT BE AS FAR OFF AS YOU THINK. EMPLOYEES ARE DISTRACTED AT WORK 21% 43% OF EMPLOYEES ARE DISTRACTED 21%-75% (OR MORE) OF THE WORKDAY 75% 43% IT'S HARD TO KEEP FOCUSED SOCIALIZING TECH INTERRUPTIONS ONLINE ACTIVITIES PERSONAL STRESS 22% 31% of employees say personal stress steals their attention up to 5 times a day of employees say non-work related online activities - like shopping, checking social media, and reading blogs - prevent productivity 45% of employees say tech interruptions - like email and text messages - are a top distractor 54% of employees say socializing with colleagues sidelines their focus HEALTHY HABITS HELP EMPLOYEES GET DOWN TO BUSINESS PEOPLE WHO ARE FOCUSED AT WORK SAY THEY MAINTAIN HEALTHY HABITS NEARLY 20% MORE THAN THOSE WHO ARE LESS FOCUSED 70% of employees say their health habits noticeably impact their ability to focus But 70% never - or rarely - get enough physical activity %3D 68% of employees say proper sleep is the #1 key to staying focused at work But 52% rarely - get enough sleep never - or 49% of employees say healthier eating is the area of well-being they most need to improve But 67% don't get enough fruits and 73% don't get enough vegetables' The best way you can help your employees curb the distractions and focus on their top to-dos? INVEST IN THEIR HEALTH WITH ROBUST WORKPLACE WELL-BEING PROGRAMS. OFFER TOOLS AND RESOURCES THAT SUPPORT ALL ASPECTS OF EMPLOYEES' WELL-BEING TO HELP THEM MANAGE THEIR STRESS AND MAKE HEALTHY HABITS - LIKE EATING RIGHT, GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP, AND EXERCISING REGULARLY - A HIGHER PRIORITY. Better focus for them. Better business results for you. What's not to love? Padse Sources: Driven by Distractions: Why employees' focus is waning at work & what you can do about it. Virgin Pulse, 2014. 'CDC

Virgin Pulse: Curb the Distractions

shared by beutlerink on May 05
Beutler Ink designed this infographic for Virgin Pulse detailing the common distractions at work and the healthy habits you can cultivate to curb them. From socializing with other colleagues to tech...


Virgin Pulse



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