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Video Conferencing for Success

VIDEO CONFERENCING FOR SUCCESS 63м $22 BN 63 MILLION PEOPLE $22 BILLION PROJECTED TO BE 65% OF CIOS SAID THEY MAKE VIDEO CALLS ON SPENT ON VIDEO CONFERENCING BELIEVED THAT DESK A REGULAR BASIS OVER THE NEXT FIVE YEARS TELEPHONES WILL BE REDUNDANT BY 2017 WHY VIDEO CONFERENCING MAKES SENSE MORE PERSONAL SAVE TIME SCREEN SHARE GIVE PRESENTATIONS use visual props RECORD AND ARCHIVE make an impression no travel and data share communications for future reference roved communication, increased productivity and better relations. THE RISE OF VIDEO CONFERENCING 1960 FIRST-EVER VIDEO CONFERENCING DEVICE WAS DEMONSTRATED FIRST DEPLOYMENTS OF BUSINESS 1980s VIDEO CONFERENCING SLOWLY GAINED ADOPTION 1990s RAPID EXPANSION OF THE INTERNET ADOPTION OF VOICE OVER INTERNET 2000 PROTOCOL (VOIP) TOOK ROOT THE INTRODUCTION OF THE FIRST 2005 HD VIDEO CONFERENCING SYSTEMS 65% APPLE'S İPHONE WAS INTRODUCED 2007 WITH ITS MASSIVE APP STORE BY THE END OF 2015, IT IS EXPECTED VIDEO 2008 OPEN-SOURCE ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM STARTED TO TAKE OFF WILL ACCOUNT FOR ABOUT 65% OF 2010 O THE INTRODUCTION OF FACETIME MOBILE USAGE Y BODY LANGUAGE 80% 93% UP TO OF OUR 80% OF THE TIME SHOULD COMMUNICATION LEANING FORWARD SIGNALS BE SPENT LOOKING DIRECTLY IS NONVERBAL CONCENTRATION, INTEREST, CONCERN, INTO THE CAMERA. ACCEPTANCE AND APPROVAL. 20% CAN BE INDIRECT EYE CONTACT. RELAXED ARMS AND OPEN PALMS MAKE SURE YOUR UPPER SMILING WHEN YOU SPEAK SUGGEST HONESTY, ACCEPTANCE BODY IS IN VIEW SO THEY CAN FOCUSES ATTENTION ON YOU. AND A DESIRE TO NEGOTIATE. SEE YOUR HAND GESTURES. IT WILL ALSO DECREASES TENSION. VIDEO TIPS... LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! SPEAK CLEARLY. BE PREPARED. DISTRACTING SOUNDS. AVOID TYPING ON YOUR KEYBOARD, TURN OFF ALL SOUNDS ON YOUR PHONE, AND DON'T SHOUT, SPEAK CHECK YOUR INTERNET NATURALLY BUT SLOWLY AND CONNECTION AND TEST PRONOUNCE EACH WORD EQUIPMENT BEFORE HAND. CLEARLY. ENSURE NOTHING HAVE EVERYTHING YOU CLOSE YOURSELF INTO A ROOM IS OBSTRUCTING THE NEED WITHIN REACHING WITH NO OR MINIMAL MICROPHONE. DISTANCE. BACKGROUND NOISE. KEEP IN MIND THAT BOLD PATTERNS CAN LOOK "MESSY" ON THE VIEWER'S ENSURE YOU HAVE SEVERAL PLACE THE CAMERA ON A LIGHT SOURCES AND THAT THEY SURFACE THAT'S DIRECTLY ARE ALL INDIRECT TO AVOID IN LINE WITH YOUR SCREEN. ADDITIONALLY, DARK SHADOWS OR A FOREHEAD. CHECK HOW SOME PIECES OF SHINY-FACE EFFECT. A LIGHT YOU LOOK IN THE VIDEO JEWELLERY CAN REFLECT LIGHT IN A WAY THAT SOURCE BEHIND THE COMPUTER PREVIEW BEFOREHAND. SOMETIMES WORKS BEST. DISTRACTS THE VIEWER. POPULAR PLATFORMS SKYPE GOOGLE+ HANGOUT APPLE FACETIME VIBER TANGO While their primary goal is to provide an alternative solution for carrier-free phone calls, the Viber video chat makes a great Requires all members to have a Google Plus connections between account which is If you're looking for a full service chat The most well-known Only allows for video call platform. Skype is available for almost any device that allows an Apple devices. It can also only completely free and also has cross-platform support one-to-one functionality (as long as you have a Google Yet FaceTime is easy Plus app). On top of high quality video, Hangouts also offers many business-savvy features. platform for Android, Tango is a great option. Tango has been around for quite a while. They have FaceTime on Android. apps for iOS and most Android phones, and the video quality is great. It also offers free text and voice services. internet connection. video services. Two-way Skype video calls are free, alternative for although a subscription is needed by at least one of the members if more people want to participate. and convenient to use. If on an iPhone and on a wifi connection, the quality is very high. The app is well designed, and the video service works with smartphones and desktops alike. Develop your digital communication skills and English with our EnglishUp one-to-one professional language trainers. English Up f in @EnglishUp_BR Sources:

Video Conferencing for Success

shared by EnglishUp on Nov 28
This graphic shows the importance of developing video conferencing skills and some of the business advantages of using videoconferencing along with some tips for making video conferences successful.




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