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Victory Through Video

VICTORY THROUGH VIDEO HOW VIDEO CONTENT IS REVOLUTIONIZING LEARNING As a result of the internet, the world is at its most connected. People thousands of miles apart can instantly communicate. Access to information is now conceivably possible for virtually everyone on Earth. Because of this instant access, education and training are now more accessible than ever, and video as a platform provides easier consumption of knowledge than ever before. People Learn Better and Faster With Video In these fast paced times, video is the perfect vehicle for delivering information. 90%, uiW Visual information is processed 60,000X of information delivered to FASTER the brain is than text. visual Visual content is better for engaging the mind. Generally, people remember. 10% 20% 30% / 50% of what they read. of what they hear. of what they see. of what they see and hea. Video Use Is Rapidly Growing 2016 1.2 BILLION online videos are watched everday Online video use is expected to jump 1.5 BILLION 2013 Video is the perfect format for delivering information via mobile phones: On average Online video VS.A accounts for 50% of 4 HOURS of video is streamed per month by 25 MILLION smartphone users. Mobile users are 3X more likely to view a video. all mobile traffic. Video Is Making Global Change Online video has even reached the developing world. ACCESS DO-SURGERY LINGOS AGRICULTURE .COM Creates agricultural training videos in the native languages of each community. An organization that provides training videos for NGOS across the globe. A website that provides 100s of surgical instructional videos to improve surgeon's technique. Video Is Changing Business Operations The business world is rapidly learming how video can massively make an impact. Engaging online videos allow brands to market themselves more effectively to customers. Customers who watch online videos of brand products are. Despite promising results. 85% 68% f Share More likely to purchase. Likely to share. online video is underutilized in the business world: Which makes it But its use is rapidly growing: higher priority than. 76% 24% of marketers of National are adding online brands use online Online videos video to their sites. video to advertise. will grow. 2013 from 2016 to 5.4 BILLION 2.5 BILLION With easy access to online video revolutionizing the worlds of education and business, a new age of information is upon us. Now the question is, are you using online video to its fullest capability? KZO Sources: Marketing-Dataaspx http://www.etsuedu/uged/etsu1000/documents/Dales_Cone_of_ Experiencepdf

Victory Through Video

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We are currently on the brink of innovation — a phase where we are presenting information so that we reach people not only in real time and in any location but in a way that impacts them most. That...




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