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UX Facts: How Modern UX Affects Web Design

SEP 14 MCR UX THE FACTS web design agency // 93% THOUGHT IMPROVING UX STEPS 4 STAKEHOLDER INTERVIEWS Investigate their goals. targets and aspirations USER PERSONAS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Highlight user behaviours, needs and motivations OF EXECUTIVES WAS A TOP PRIORITY 2 USER JOURNEYS The route each persona would to take 5 KPI INDICATORS Define pre-established criteria to measure success Users stated DEVELOPERS 3 COMPETITIVE AUDIT How have the competition mapped their user journeys? 6 WIREFRAMES THEY WOULDN'T The blueprint for the 57% RECOMMEND a business with a spend 50% functional elements poorly designed mobile site Of their time fixing avoidable issues... (Source :: Google's Mobile Playbook) (Source :: Social Media Today) WIRE Frames 50% More accurate estimates for build time and cost FINANCIALS OF UX 80% Reduction in clarification requests from the development team SPEND 25% Less reworking and bug fixes prior to launch 10% 62% of companies that designed a site strictly for mobile devices TO GAIN 95% 80% increased their sales. SOME BASIC STATS (Source :: Jakob Neilson 2008) (Source :: Users agree GOOD UŠER EXPERIENCE JUST MAKES SENSE (Source :: Econsullancy) EVERY DOLLAR INVESTED in UX brings S100 %24 97% 68% USERS in return (Source :: ux magazine) WEBSITES GIVE UP AS THEY THINK ROI OF UX FAIL AT UX YOU DON'T CARE {} {Smashing Magazine) 5 PROVEN ROI GAINS FROM UX 1 OVERALL REVENUE / CONVERSION BOOST (LOYALTY 2 REDUCE DEVELOPMENT WASTE (EFFICIENCY) UX TESTING 3 TESTING 3 REDUCE THE RISK OF BUILDING THE WRONG THING CAN FIND 5 with just 85% 4 LOWER SUPPORT CALLS (REDUCE COSTS) 5 INCREASE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 5 USERS OF YOUR SITES PROBLEMS (Source :: NNGroup) (Source :: Experience Dynamics 2014) 73% PLUS 40% of people will ABANDON Only 3% of sites are fast and responsive on mobile (Restive LLC 2014) 44% USERS a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load 62% of customers base future purchase on past experiences (youthedesigner) Of companies not currently doing testing will be doing so in the next 12 months The change in a website bounce rate spikes to 100% when a page takes 4 seconds or more to load. It jumps to 150% if a page takes 8 seconds or 44% of mobile users complain that website navigation is difficult (Keynote) WILL TELL THEIR FRIENDS ABOUT A BAD SHOPPING EXPERIENCE ONLINE 62% of companies who designed a mobile specific site had invcreased sales (ÉConsultancy) (Source :: Econsultancy) more to load. (Source :: Mobile Joomla) (Source :: If you would like to discuss UX in more detail with a team of dedicated experts, then please drop us a line at

UX Facts: How Modern UX Affects Web Design

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Modern digital design and marketing is now governed by the end user. The digital world is now a user-centric model with user experience (UX) informing the entire creative process. The UX process sho...


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