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Using Key Drivers to Unlock Hidden Business Insights

KEY DRIVERS ANALYSIS A powerful tool for unlocking insight behind the motivations that your customers may not even be aware of. Key drivers analysis is a predictive modeling technique that can reveal the answers to your core business questions, including identifying what activities or initiatives have the greatest impact on business objectives, understanding what makes competitors successful, and determining what features customers need most. BEHAVIORS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS Satisfaction Website experience Return visits Individuals may be unwilling or unable to objectively recal the importance of items, but Product features THEIR BEHAVIORS CAN Purchase REVEAL THIS THROUGH IMPLICIT STATISTICAL RELATIONSHIPS. Driving OUTCOMES Marketing messages Brand consideration Example ATTRIBUTES Access to current programs 27 27 NOT ALL FACTORS ARE IMPORTANT & DIFFERENTIATING Watch anytime 24 In this example, consumers might cite all factors as important to their media consumption. But using drivers analysis to predict loyalty, we can SEE WHICH ELEMENTS ARE IMPORTANT IN 24 RELATIONSHIP TO A DESIRED BEHAVIOR For example, all of these factors affect media consumption. But which ones drive loyalty the most, and least? Customizable content 2 LOYALTY Advertising 3 Access to historical catalogue 17 17 Social integration 7 11 Subscription price 11 Watch on mobile device 9 KEY DRIVERS ANALYSIS IS WHY DO I NEED KEY DRIVERS? WE'LL SORT OUT ACCESSIBLE WHICH APPROACH WILL PROVIDE THE The raw output from various drivers analyses can be complex, but we'll You need to see results BEST INSIGHTS CONDENSE IT DOWN TO A RAW and you need to SCORE INDICATING THE RELATIVE KNOW HOW THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT IMPORTANCE of each item. If you TO MAKE FLAVORS OF KEY DRIVERS ANALYSIS. can read this chart, then you can THEM HAPPEN We'll work with you to determine which one is the right fit for interpret drivers analysis. your business needs. Access to current programs You can't throw time and 27 money at every initiative. Correlation PRIORITIZING Watch anytime EFFORTS IS 24 CRITICAL Linear regression Access to historical catalogue 17 * Categorical regression Subscription price You know that building a 11 product or brand means MEASURING WHAT Logistic regression Watch on mobile devices DRIVES ITS SUCCESS Average over ordering regression Social integration Advertising Insight isn't always PATH analysis obvious, and drivers can REVEAL HIDDEN Customizable content A Latent class analysis COMPETITIVE EDGES Structural equation modeling A Illuminas Illuminas is a full-service market research consultancy that delivers strategic marketing intelligence across B2B and consumer markets worldwide. Contact our global offices at to learn more about our capabilities and advanced nalytics. Enlighten. Empouer. Customer interactions

Using Key Drivers to Unlock Hidden Business Insights

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Identifying and analyzing key drivers can provide answers to critical business questions by uncovering the current and hidden motivators behind market behaviors like purchase, satisfaction, preference...




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