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Use Testimonials to Reduce Online Skepticism

The Complete Collap se of Trust IN FOG RAPHIC Авианию влет *The greatest thing to be achieved in advertising. in my opinion, is believability." Use testimonials to reduce online DAVD OW "Reades find the endosements of fellow consumes more skepticism. persuasive than the puffery of anonymous copywiters" ROM PEW REBEANCH. *The public cotinues to express skepticism aboutw hat they see, hear and read in the medis." ways to use "Credibility is on a steady downward track. real stories by real people to bring potential customers to trust. 1. Work single-mindedly forthe boting happiness olyour ousiomers. 2. Ask thom, in the boginning. for their recommendations e the end. 3. Select tastimonials from auomers who aresimilar to your prospacis. 4. Don't embelisht Kaep thecliene's orghal wording and ay reax. Oeharwise thay re noe quotes, thay're par aphrases. 5. Whenaver possble use entire names.Avoid 1. D. fromArieona". 6. Longer is OK When cusiomers say nice things, don'tedit tham or oue them shon. Deralsadd eo baliovabilky. 7. Avoid hy perbole. How an anyone fall or erho, over-the-sopwords like awesome, fabulous, noedible or weasel searemenes lika"Can you belewe he cenerupled Alsweath" Frankly, no one wil. FROM THE OLORE AND MAIL *Customer testimorials are priceless." They are simply, "..the bestway to convince prospects to do business with you." TRU Neado mmunienahenfa CalMa ndaa6435a. Geryour negraphit dd Grypkio daigniaBarric) npicipii inai

Use Testimonials to Reduce Online Skepticism

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The Complete Collapse of Trust INFOGRAPHIC : 7 ways to use real stories by real people to bring potential customers to trust. Includes quotes from PEW Research, Ad men David Ogilvy and Leo Burnett and...


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