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Unusual Jobs You Didn't Know Existed

UNUSUAL JOBS YOU DIDN'T KNOW EXISTED GOLF BALL PROFESSIONAL DIVER £ 25.000 BED QUEUER VIBRATION £12.000 WARMER CONSULTANT £16,000 £ 22.000 CROWN SEWER JEWELLER FLUSHER £45,000 SALARY UNKNOWN LOCK PROFESSIONAL KEEPER VOLUNTARY WINGWALKER E18,000 WATERSLIDE BEEFEATER £25.000 TESTER E 20.000 WINDOW THE QUEEN'S CLEANER FOR PIPER £48,000 THE GHERKIN E50.000 10 15 20 25 35 40 50 60 65 70 K COOL MASTER DISTILLER £30 000 HUNTER £25,000 LONDON PET FOOD DUNGEON TASTER £20.000 ACTOR £30.000 ... PROFESSIONAL CHIEF TEA TASTER LISTENING £25.000 OFFICER £61.000 CRISP WALK ON INSPECTOR SALARY UNKNOWN WATER ARCHITECTS £35,000 PET PSYCHOLOGIST £23,000 EEL ECOLOGIST E22 000 THE RAVENMASTER £21.000 THE QUEEN'S SWAN MARKER SALARY UNKNOWN UNKNOWN SALARY BED GOLF BALL PROFESSIONAL VIBRATION WARMER DIVER QUEUER CONSULTANT £ 16,000 £ 25,000 £ 12,000 £22,000 To ensure that beds are warm and cosy for the arrival of Somebody's got to retrieve golf balls from 'water traps' on golf courses, so why not get paid for it?! On an average day a golf ball diver can collect around 4,000 golf balls. Working alongside planners, engineers and architects, these people advise on and correct vibration and Brits are renowned guests, some hotels employ bed warmers who don special, hygienic sleepsuits and act as human hot water bottles. for queueing but it's possible to pay for someone to do it for you. Agencies allow individuals to hire others for £20 per hour to stand in noise problems for construction companies and manufacturers. queues for them. SEWER PROFESSIONAL WATERSLIDE WINDOW CLEANER FLUSHER WINGWALKER TESTER FOR THE GHERKIN £ 45,000 £ 18,000 £ 20,000 £ 50,000 While it might not require much training, it does require the ability to swim and nerves of Standing 180m tall and with 7,429 panes of glass, the Gherkin's window cleaners need a whole lot of Not the most Professional pleasant job but somebody's got to do it! Sewer flushers wingwalkers tend to have to fit certain get rid of blockages from sewers, the majority of which are caused by cooking height and weight specifications and must brave speeds of up to 150mph 1,000ft up. That's not to mention the winds and steel. As a waterslide tester individuals must rate slides on how much of a elbow-grease and can't be afraid of heights. It takes 9 window cleaners about 10 days to complete the job. fats and oils. In London they clear around 80,000 blockages a year. performing loops and rolls. splash they cause and their adrenalin factor. Ondon Düngeon COOL LONDON DUNGEON CHIEF LISTENING WALK ON WATER HUNTER ACTOR OFFICER ARCHITECTS £ 25,000 £ 30,000 £ 61,000 £ 35,000 Creating houses that can float on water Keeping track of and forecasting trends is such big business that it's somebody's entire job. Finding out what the next The London If social media is Dungeons are made more terrifying by the actors who play a host of gruesome characters, including Sweeney Todd and Jack The Ripper. your thing then this could be the job for you. The role involves monitoring might seem impossible, but it's a real job. Britain's first amphibious house has been designed by a brand's mentions big thing is can make businesses big and presence across social media London-based platforms. company Baca Architects. money. EEL THE THE QUEEN'S SWAN PET ECOLOGIST RAVENMASTER MARKER PSYCHOLOGIST £ 22,000 £ 21,000 Unknown £ 23,000 Wading into rivers and monitoring the size of eels can be tiring work, especially as eels are pure muscle and can weigh up to 2kg. However, it's all in the name of Each year the Swan Marker is responsible for counting and the Tower of London, examining unmarked behaviour of animals swans owned by the Queen along the Thames. The Pet psychologists or behaviourists The Ravenmaster looks after the six resident ravens at analyse the ensuring the birds are well cared for. The legend goes that if the ravens leave ceremony is known as 'Swan Upping' and dates back to the 12th century. and help owners discover the cause of problem behaviour. For this role individuals need a Ph.D. or should be a doctor of veterinary conserving endangered European eels. the site, its White Tower will crumble and the Kingdom of England will fall. medicine. Pet Food CRISP PROFESSIONAL PET FOOD MASTER INSPECTOR TEA TASTER TASTER DISTILLER Unknown £ 25,000 £ 20,000 £30,000 Quality is key when it comes to crisps, so the inspector's job is to weed out any crisps that might be overcooked types. It takes about or irregularly shaped. To ensure dog food meets a premium brand's guidelines a human must test it... The tester must smell and then ea the food to check Individuals can drink It's the job of the Master Gin Distiller up to 300 cups of tea a day and often travel the world to source and measure the botanicals that go into the gin. They also get to taste it - purely for quality control, of course! sampling different five years to train the palette to identify the flavours of each blend. that the ingredients and flavours are balanced. CROWN THE QUEEN'S LOCK KEEPER BEEFEATER JEWELLER PIPER 3. 3. Unknown Voluntary £ 25,000 £ 48,000 The prestigious role involves the upkeep of the Crown Jewels, as well as creating new pieces of silverware and Responsible for manning the locks of Britain's waterways, The iconic guardians of the Tower of London are The Queen's official piper's main duty is to play the bagpipes beneath her window at 9am every responsible for safeguarding the Crown Jewels and the role of lock keeper is one steeped in over 250 years of history. While the role is weekday for about 15 minutes. The jewellery for the Royal Family. The role was appointed to Garrard & Co. by Queen Victoria in 1843 and was only changed in 2007. voluntary, there is never a shortage of those wishing to take their place on Britain's canals. acting as tour guides for the famous landmark. Beefeaters are positon is one of the highest accolades available to a piper serving in the Armed Forces. retired from the Armed Forces and must have had at least 22 years of service. Source:,,,,, Unum Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. unům Because everyone needs a back-up plan

Unusual Jobs You Didn't Know Existed

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Finding the right candidate for a role can be a lengthy process as you try to match skills and experience. However, some jobs can require much more specific skill sets than others, such as being a pro...


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