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Unmasking Common Web Development Tasks

package; import ... /4 * Parses Point from it's String representation. * Gparan LocationString - String that represents location, as 2 double values split with coma. Accepts space after/before co * Greturn instance public final class LocationUtils { public static Point parseLocation(String locationString) { Preconditions.checkNotNull(locationString, errorMessage: "Location String should not be null"); Preconditions.checkArgument(locationString.contains(","), errorMessage: "Location must be split with coma"); locationString = locationString.trim(); %3D if (locationString.contains(" ,")) { locationString = locationString.replaceAll( regex: replacement: ","); %31 %3D if (locationString.contains(", ")) { locationString = locationString.replaceAll( regex: ", ", replacement: ","); %3D String[] location = locationString.split( regex: ","); Preconditions.checkArgument( expression: location. length >= 2, errorMessage: "Location should constist at least 2 Double parameters"); double lat = Double.parseDouble(location [0]); double lon = Double.parseDouble(location[1]); %3D %3D %3D return new Point(lat, lon); Lo 10c 256 2 MB 11.75 08 Autorired public DefaultCommunitySolrServicel CommunitySolrRepository communitySolrRepository, Community2CommunitySolrDocumentPopulator community2CommunityS CommunityService communityServic, DefaultCommunitySolrFTS5trategy strategy స్ this.comunitySolrhepository communitySolrRepository: this.community2CommunitySolrDocumentPopulator = community2Commu this.communityService connunityService: This.strategy = strategy: ts M e mentPopulator; Override pubtic void indexItens(CollectionCommunityo communities) ( if (Collectiontils.isotEmptylcommunities)) Collection-CommunitySolrDocument> documents conmunities strean() mapicommunity community2ConmunitySolrDoc collect(Collectors.toSet()): comunitySolrRepository.deleteAll): communitySolrRepository.savekllidocuments): else { LOG Naret o places to index, input collection is enpty."): THEDBTON Override public Collection-Community search(SolrSearchuery query) List<CommunitySolrbocument> documents strategy.desearchlquery): ListCommunity comunities se ArrayListol): if (Collectionetils.isotEmptyldocuments)) ( List-Communityp retrievedCommunities documents.strean().map(document Communities.adALUretrievedCommunities): unstyService.gett LOG.debug("Found Tl stens for search query: 101, return conmunities: RIallectors.tist des), query.geterystring

Unmasking Common Web Development Tasks

shared by Wesleybates on Oct 29
Every website development project will have its own unique challenges and peculiarities. Simplicity is always the key to success no matter emerging trends.


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