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Unique Skills in Each Generation That Employers Need

UNIQUE SKILLS IN EACH GENERATION • THAT EMPLOYERS NEED • FOUR GENERATIONS WORKING TOGETHER IN THE WORKFORCE MILLENNIALS GENERATION X Born: 1981 to 1997 Born: 1965 to 1980 Current age: 19 to 35 Current age: 36 to 51 BABY BOOMERS SILENTS Born: 1946 to 1964 Born: 1928 to 1945 Current age: 52 to 70 Current age: 71 to 88 The Number of People in the American Labor Force by Generation In Millions 70 60 53.5 50 52.7 44.6 40 30 20 10 3.7 1995 2000 2005 2010 2013 2015 Millenials Generation X Baby Boomers Silents The composition 1% POST-MILLENNIALS of the labor force 34% MILLENNIALS is nearly evenly distributed between 34% GENERATION X 29% BABY BOOMERS three generations. 2% SILENTS EACH GENERATION BRINGS UNIQUE QUALITIES TO THE WORKPLACE SILENTS Respectful of authority Stubbornly independent Loyal Excellent work ethic Risk Advanced Well-mannered Dependable averse communication and interpersonal skills BABY BOOMERS Well-educated Question Excellent authority teamwork skills Thrive on Value adrenaline-charged assignments cooperation and buy-in Crave training and development Driven by professional accomplishments Confident Self-reliant Competitive GENERATION X Disagree with bureaucracy Independent Family focused Critical Hardworking Highly capable mediators Socially responsible Adapt well to instability and change Fair MILLENNIALS AND YOUNGER ADULTS Technologically Highly socialized Socially responsible savvy Require work-life Technologically dependent Closely tied to parents balance Resilient Involved in Team-centric green causes and social activism HOW TO SHOWCASE EACH GENERATION'S STRENGTHS WITHIN THE WORKPLACE COMMUNICATION Older generations • Face-to-face Generation X • Generally comfortable with digital communication • May resist some social media Youngest generation • Comfortable with technology • Will have important discussions over social media HELLO FORMALITY Older generations May prefer more formal language WHATS UP! Younger generations • May prefer slang, colloquialisms, and abbreviations VALUES Older generations • Generally, more conservative • Clothing • Communications Networking • Lifestyles • Careers Younger generations • Climb the corporate ladder and job hop • Prefer flexibility and mobility in their careers Value peer opinions THE GENERATIONS CAN LEARN FROM EACH OTHER • Young people can learn from older generations who have more experience. • Older people can adapt and try to roll with the punches as younger generations do. Many companies have multiple generations working for them. Thanks to a wide range of skills in each age range, businesses are reaping the benefits. • • • • Brought to you by: Designed by: AKKEN Cloud06 GHERGICH&Co. Staffing. Recruiting. Success

Unique Skills in Each Generation That Employers Need

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Are you aware of the qualities your generation brings to the workforce? Learn how to showcase each generation's skills and strength in your workplace for optimal results!


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