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Ultimate Guide to Business Cards: Infographics and Other Resources

BUSINESS CARDS The stuff they are made of. Literally. ************* Once upon a time, business cards were used for reasons other than networking. 15th Century. My lord I would like Business cards were said to be first used in China and were called "Visiting Cards" in English.They were used to introduce one's self when visiting another house or another kingdom. to introduce my master. 17th Century Europe. Using cards to introduce oneself has become very popular in 'polite society These cards were called Hmm. now where's "Calling Cards". that store? Europeans started using cards, usually 5' x 12' to market their stores and merchandise. People called them "Trade Cards." Business cards have evolved, from the quality of stock (material used) to the details we include. Also, anyone can have his/her own business card for any purpose. Name and Title Position / Job Title Information we usually find in today's Business Cards Company / Business Name Website / Email Address Phone / Mobile / Fax Number Custom Business Cards Business cards now come in so many shapes and sizes: from rectangular, to round, to any die-cut shapes you can imagine, like say, shurikens. Some common materials used: Card Frosted Clear PVC Stock Plastic Plastic Metal Card Card Magnet And some unconventional materials: Poker Dog Tags Flash Wood Chips Drive Other Cookies/ Match weirder Similar Meat Box stuff Treats than meat. A few styles used in modern business cards: WANTED- Illustration Minimal (Black on White) Light on Dark John Doe Job Desciption Contact Details John Doe Job Desaiption Contact Details Logo JOHN DC Typo- job descripti graphic PHONE NUMBER NOGO on center website contact e Cut-outs. standee. etc. (anything goes) Job Desrgnon Contars Oer Color on color Grunge John Doe Contact Details @You the Designer

Ultimate Guide to Business Cards: Infographics and Other Resources

shared by rmmojado on Dec 28
After a year of blogging about business cards, we were able to make a list of things you might need to know about them — from where business cards started down to what you can do to make your cards ...


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