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Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide Infographic

Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide How to Profit from Facebook Ads and Achieve Greatness -Should you be using Facebook to market your product or service? -Can Facebook give you the ROI (return on investment)? -What are some of the best practices for Facebook marketing? -How does Facebook marketing compare to YouTube, Adwords, Twitter, Linkedin, and Bing? -How to build custom audiences and control your ad spend. -How to set up your funnel and correct way so you can track your conversions. To Be or Not to Be ..on Facebook 67% of the US Population 82% of the UK Population Facebook is the most popular app on smartphones You can build custom audiences and target groups There are 829 million active daily users on Facebook CAUTION!! Don't let Facebook control your budget Don't be careless on your tracking and reporting Don't forget to check your progress at least once a week Run ads to specific landing pages that you can track Don't forget to tell your mom you love her Facebook Cost Per Lead (Last 7 Days) Run your ads with specific audiences that you created or who have visited your website This is a big key to conversions Total Leads: 9 Total Cost: $91.67 Cost Per Lead: $10.18 YouTube Cost Per Lead (Last 30 Days) YouTube Total Leads: 47 Total Cost: $1,014.35 Total Cost Per View: $0.09 Total Visitors: 746 Cost Per Lead: $22.54 YouTube beats Facebook for video any day YouTube considers a video view after 30 seconds of watching Facebook considers a video view after 3 seconds of watching Adwords Cost Per Lead (Last 30 Days) Total Leads: 17 Total Cost: $1,816.67 Cost Per Lead: $106.23 Adwords is where you are going to get your most qualified Teads Cost is a lot more, but as long as the ROI is there, you should be running Adwords Someone is searching for your product or service, they are looking to buy when they come across Adwords CAUTION!! Google continues to change the rules and continues to increase the cost per 8 click Adwords can be very expensive $ and very competitivé Fraudulent clicks (eliminate this with IP exclusions) Use exact words and phrase match Create Ads The Right Way Create Your Ad Build and target custom audiences from: Current email lists Contacts Website visitors Set your goal: Traffic, conversions, video views, likes, etc Create separate landing page and Thank You page. Build a funnel that is dedicated to Lead Generation Only Design Your Ad Follow the instructions and make sure you create a nice customized image Create a strong headline Design a custom image that is unique and will capture attention Place Call To Actions throughout the ad 3 Create Your Audience Create an audience with Facebook Retargeting (website visitors) Facebook gives you a simple code that you place on your site, which allows you to run ads to site visitors Facebook will allow you to build a look alike audience from the list Create an audience from your current contact lists, CRM, email lists, social media accounts, or phone contacts You can also target age, gender, languages, interests, behaviors, and more! Don't run Facebook ads without building a targeted audience Finally, let your Facebook ads run! This information was created and made amazing by yinc Y Creative Videos That InSpire Piktochart I make information beautiful %24

Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide Infographic

shared by yincmarketing on Sep 07
This Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide Infographic will give you a detailed explanation on how to create Facebook Ads and how to generate income from Facebook Advertising.


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