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The UK's Fastest Growing Tech Companies

THE UK'S FASTEST GROWING TECH COMPANIES Over the last decade we have seen the number of tech companies in the UK increase significantly, and cities including London, Oxford and Cambridge have become very popular locations for new tech companies to set up. Below we look at five of the fastest-growing, most successful tech companies in the UK, and some of the secrets behind their exponential growth. LMAX Exchange LMAX EXCHANGE SECTOR(S): Electronic Trading Platform, Foreign Exchange WHAT DO THEY DO? LMAX Exchange enables users to trade foreign exchange through their electronic trading YEAR FOUNDED: platform. 2008 YEARLY SALES GROWTH (2010-2013) 307.80% HIGHLIGHTS • More than $1 trillion traded in 2013. • Chief Executive David Mercer led a £2.4m management buyout of the company in 2012, from listed parent company Betfair, who kept a 33% interest. KEYS TO SUCCESS • 'Disrupting' the forex trading sector. • Could replicate Betfair, but in a very different market. • Makes money by taking commissions on orders rather than using its own money. • Technology can process 400 million orders per day. • Trades can be executed in less than 4 milliseconds. • Big Focus on Institutional Investors. Switch Concepts switch SECTOR(S): WHAT DO THEY DO? In 2008 Switch Concepts Advertising, Software introduced their first RTB YEAR FOUNDED: (Real Time Bidding)-enabled ad server, meaning publishers and advertisers can trade advertising online. The platform caters to both advertisers and publishers - advertisers get to buy more effectively and have access to over 30 billion global ad impressions a month, and publishers can sell their ads for a higher price. 2008 YEARLY SALES GROWTH (2010-2013) 262.92% HIGHLIGHTS • More than 1 billion ads placed every day. D G H KEYS TO SUCCESS • Caters to both advertisers and publishers. • Provide support and technology to advertisers and publishers, in addition to the ad-trading platform. • Work with several high profile publishers. SwiftKey SwiftKey. SECTOR(S): Smartphone keyboard developer WHAT DO THEY DO? SwiftKey have created an app for both ios and Android smartphones that adapts to the way an individual user types, making typing much faster. The app gets better YEAR FOUNDED: 2008 YEARLY SALES GROWTH as you use it more, and has a number of features including automatically correcting typos and suggesting what word you will type next. (2010-2013) 219.04% HIGHLIGHTS Qu Lie Fos Ma Brad Sdy Seps • Over 250 million users globally. • Bestselling app in 58 countries. • Completed an £11.3m funding round from Index Ventures in 2013. • Most popular keyboard app on Google Play. • Over 1 million downloads in the first 24 hours of launching in the app store. Amest 2 s Terronie Ievestigation as Erope Braces foe Ptential Ada KEYS TO SUCCESS • Met a universal need as people increasingly used smartphones for tasks that were traditionally carried out on computers and involved lots of typing, such as responding to emails. Cloud Distribution Cloud DISTRIBUTION SECTOR(S): WHAT DO THEY DO? Cyber Security, Networks Cloud Distribution offer wireless security services YEAR FOUNDED: for cloud-based 2009 computing. They offer four solution 'stacks' including LAN & Wireless, WAN & Datacentre, Enterprise Security, and Storage & Virtualisation. YEARLY SALES GROWTH (2010-2013) 181% HIGHLIGHTS • Partners include heavyweights in the IT sector such as Aerohive and Cisco. KEYS TO SUCCESS • Partnering with very established IT companies. • Very proactive in helping their clients - offer lots of additional support to its vendors through its complementary services and tools, including bespoke sales training and technical training. Tech 21 tech21 00 SECTOR(S): WHAT DO THEY DO? Tech 21 offer phone, tablet, e-reader and laptop cases that are specially designed to reduce damage caused by impact. "Every one of our Impactology approved designs are subject to stringent testing and integrated with only the most intelligent, scientifically proven materials. This means that our pioneering designs only offer the most superior impact protection." One of the materials they use is Smartphones, Impact Protection YEAR FOUNDED: 2005 YEARLY SALES GROWTH (2010-2013) 171.73% BulletshieldTM HIGHLIGHTS • The product was backed by two of the Dragons from Dragons Den in 2009. • Have celebrity sponsors such as Novak Djokovic. iPhon KEYS TO SUCCESS • Tech 21 solves the problem of people worrying/being overly protective about their smart phones and other expensive electrical items. • The company gained lots of publicity after appearing on Dragons Den, which helped increase awareness of the brand. • Lots of research goes into the creation of each product. • The cases do what most don't - one customer testimonial says that their phone was unharmed after falling off a car travelling at about 55mph! This infographic is not intended to imply that there is any existing relationship between Kingly Brookes and any of the companies featured in this infographic. Sources: D=3&searchName=&yr%3D2014&sort=num&areal=99 Presented by KINGLY BROOKES

The UK's Fastest Growing Tech Companies

shared by AlexGillham on May 05
An overview of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK in 2015 - innovation is software, applications, finance and manufacturing.



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