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UK Unpacking Value

AUNPACKING VALUE EXPLORING WHAT VALUE MEANS TO CONSUMERS THROUGH ... IMAGERY DESCRIPTORS ATTRIBUTES INDUSTRIES BRANDS IMAGERY Frugal Balance Luxury "Value means getting the best for what you are spending and the "In my opinion, value comes with success, and success means images convey that it involves the whole family, personal judgment, money as far as your career goes. The images that I used / think quality, and satisfaction!" 1+1=3 would display a luxurious lifestyle to most, and ! would put a lot of value in a luxury lifestyle." Emotions/ Happy Balance "Shows happiness is the key to a Inner Values successful day, whether tired or stressed, sunshine brings the best out in people, buying a new car home stressful but at end you "Value to me means family first, and love, balance, and material things last. Value means giving have it all in your grasp, whole Four main dimensions of value - family what they need, regardless Frugal Balance, Luxury, Inner Values, and Emotions/Happy Balance world is in your hands." of price." Images shown reflect the eCollage images most used to describe what Value means to them. DESCRIPTORS useful lastingworth bargain, family affordable 1 discount moñey quality durability Pričeservice cost usefulness longevity made reliabilityproduct quantity fair happy warranty lasts fun brand cheap durable reliable happiness bulk sturdy inexpensive reputation savings me sale deal ATTRIBUTES DURABILITY LONGEVITY CONSISTENCY WILL USE OFTEN INDUSTRIES ELECTRONICS 27% 19% AUTOMOBILES INSURANCE SERVICES 16% CELL PHONE 7% value is very important when buying electronics as prices in this area of the market depreciate very quickly and new technology is released very often, so you have to make sure you get value for the quality of product, innovation and price, as it all changes quickly! SERVICE SHOES & APPAREL 6% BRANDS TESCO ASDA SONY Apple TESCO ASDA SONY Consistently cheap Reasonable quality Best in class Deals on branded items Smart price ranges Lower prices everyday Good quality High quality products History of innovation Long-lasting Price guarantees Innovative Well-designed products Aesthetically appealing Dependable Club card awards Larger quantities "Value" ranges Reliable Trusted brand Survey included 500 UK citizens, ages 18+. Results also available for US and China consumers. © 2012 BuzzBack LLC For more information, email [email protected]

UK Unpacking Value

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When BuzzBack reached out to an international group of marketing and insight professionals and asked what theme they were most interested in learning more about, the ‘winner’ was Value. It’s not...


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