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UK arms sales to the Middle East and North Africa

The UK's 'controlled exports' to the Middle East and North Africa This map shows the value of UK licences under the strategic exports scheme, which manages the sale of 'controlled' items around the world. It covers everything from radioactive material to guns and military software. Although non-military items are categorised as 'other', campaigners fear they may have uses in military equipment Licences under the scheme Explicitly military £476.6m Name Parts and Country £424.2m Examples of major exports equipment £6.2m £2.7m • Algiers • Tunis E4.5m £4.8m £0.78m LEBANON IRAQ Body armour; weapon sights; gun parts Tehran E0.03m SYRIA Body armour; shotguns Small arms ammunition IRAN Non-military such as civil aircraft components, imaging cameras £0.13m TUNISIA Radar equipment; gun parts • Rabat Beirut Baghdad Damascus £270.3m E26.7m • Tripoli Amman E2.2m KUWAIT Anti-riot shields; patrol boats: military software E21.0m E4.6m Jerusalem E6.4m E12.0m E1.15m MOROCCO Bomb-making parts, "swarming' ropes; thermal imaging equipment ISRAEL Armoured plate, Cairo gas mask, signalling and radar equipment 3.Im Kuwait BAHRAIN JORDAN Armoured vehicles; gun parts; gas mask filters E14.5m £6.5m Aircraft parts; assault rifles, tear gas; ammunition £210.4m £270.0m £139.7m Manama e £16.8m Doha E13.1m £15.9m £4m Riyadh• Abu dhabi £214.8m E3.9m EGYPT Bombs, missiles, body armour, UAE Military software; heavy machine guns; weapon sights QATAR Crowd-control ammunition; military cargo vehicles; missile parts £64.3m ALGERIA Combat helicopters £33.9m SAUDI ARABIA 4-wheel drive vehicles; armoured personnel carriers, air surveillance equipment LIBYA E14.0m Ammunition; crowd-control equipment; teargas £9.4m E0.29m E0.16m YEMEN Body armour; ammunition OMAN Combat aircraft parts; parts for unmanned 'drones"; tank parts Sana'a Total strategic control licences in the region, year to Sept 2010 £1,864.3m LIBYA The Libyan military parade last year in Tripoli EGYPT Anti-government protesters in Cairo last month BAHRAIN Members of Bahrain police Swat unit Licenses of an explicitly military nature year to Sept 201o £395.6m SOURCE BIS/SCO O

UK arms sales to the Middle East and North Africa

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UK sales of weapons and arms to the Middle East are in the news. So what is the market, run by the government's Strategic Export Controls, worth? How big are arms sales to the Middle East and North...


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