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The Ugly Truth About Meetings

THE UGLY TRUTH A BOUT MEETINGS MEETINGS ARE MEANT TO BE AN ENGINE OF PRODUCTIVITY IN THE WORKPLACE. But, what's meant to be an efficient way for people to get together to discuss ideas, debate issues, overcome obstacles and drive outcomes, often doesn't turn out like that at all. The truth is that many meetings end up being about as valuable as a Snapchat post -- people talk, the ideas quickly disappear into the ether with no outcomes or follow up. WHAT'S THE HARM IN UNPRODUCTIVE MEETINGS? • IT WASTES MONEY: • IT WASTES TIME: $37 BILLION More than There are 25 MILLION meetings per day in the U.S. per year is spent on unproductive meetings. • IT WASTES YOUR ORGANIZATION'S TIME: Middle managers spend 35% OF THEIR TIME 15% in meetings. of an organization's COLLECTIVE TIME is spent in meetings, a percentage that has increased every year Upper management spends 50% OF THEIR TIME in meetings. since 2008. People spend up to 4 HOURS PER WEEK preparing for status update meetings. YOU SPEND ALL THAT TIME AND MONEY BUT... Most meetings are UNPRODUCTIVE. In fact, executives consider more than 67% of meetings to be failures. WHAT'S CAUSING UNPRODUCTIVE MEETINGS? 1. MULTITASKING 92% 69% of survey respondents confessed to multitasking during meetings admitted to checking email 41% 49% admitted to multitasking admitted to doing other, unrelated work "often" or "all the time" 2. REMOTE PARTICIPANTS AREN'T ENGAGED It can be hard for remote participants to follow along, stay engaged and feel like they can contribute. BLAH BLAH BLAH of messages we receive come from BODY LANGUAGE something that is hard to pick up on when you're on the phone. 3. LACK OF PLANNING AND STRUCTURE Facilitating effective meetings is a skill that can be learned and honed. Considering the amount of time we spend in meetings, more companies should invest in improving meeting effectiveness. TIPS FOR BETTER MEETINGS: SCHEDULE SHORTER MEETINGS 30 minutes max SET CLEAR EXPECTATIONS - include in preparation materials SEND MATERIALS IN ADVANCE use time for discussion START AND END ON TIME respect people's time AVOID MONOLOGUES - engage participants STAY FOCUSED move tangents to another discussion, email and enterprise social network CAPTURE KEY POINTS AND ACTION ITEMS distribute after meeting THREE QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE SCHEDULING YOUR NEXT MEETING: 2. 3. m. I Who really Is a meeting NECESSARY? Explore options requiring less time from co-workers. I What can do NEEDS TO BE THERE to ensure it is focused and Be clear about required vs. optional participants. interactive? Come up with a clear AGENDA. SEND MATERIALS in advance, and capture action items. VIDEO COLLABORATION CAN IMPROVE MEETING EFFECTIVENESS REDUCE MULTITASKING People less likely to multitask on video calls 4% vs phone calls 57% 4% 57% multitask on video calls multitask on phone calls KEY BENEFITS OF VIDEO CALLS: Improve focus and engagement Enhance decision making Increase team productivity SOURCES: BROUGHT TO YOU BY: meetings/ (Sept. 2013) BonCurPlanningMeetings.pdf why-meetings-kill-productivity September 2013 Ayers Report by Career Partners International HBR, Your Scarcest Resource, May 2014 Meeting Behavior Survey, SurveyMonkey 2013 effective_meetings#.U2Dc-qldVDk fuze Try Fuze for free

The Ugly Truth About Meetings

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Meetings are meant to be an engine of productivity in the workplace. But what's meant to be an efficient way for people to get together to discuss ideas, debate issues, overcome obstacles and drive ou...





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