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TV Advertising vs Online Advertising

advertising in the us

television vs online

total spending in 2011

tv spend up 4.5% 71.8 billion

online spend up 21.7 percent previous year $32 billion

potential reach

from watching tv- 283,302,000

internet- 211,633,000

usage per day

tv 5 hrs 6 min

internet 1 hr 0 min

overlap of tv and tablets

percent of consumers who did following on tablets while watching tv

looking up info related to tv program

female 40%

male 45%

looked up product they saw in ad

female 28%

male 30%

who's watching tv vs web

age 2-11 110:23 tv 5:21 computer

age 12-17 101:06 tv 10:21 computer

age 18-21 117:44 tv 31:31 computer

age 25-34 136:28 tv 37:07 computer

age 35-49 159:03 tv 36:08 computer

age 50-64 195:08 tv 34:41 computer

65+ 220:22 tv, 25:08 computer

which source is trusted more?

tv news

male 49.9%

female 38.4%

internet only news

male 10.2%

15.9% female

advantages of advertising


reaches a broader demographic

higher conversion rates

builds awareness and interest faster

providers greater sense of privacy


less expensive

can be personalized

more accessible

strong campaign tracking and analytics

biggest advertisers in tv

1. at and t

2. verizon

3. geico

4. state farm

5. direct tv

biggest advertisers in google ad words

1. lowes

2. amazon

3. the home depot

4. university of phoenix

5. state farm

looking to advertise on tv? get your free media buying consultation ADVERTISING in the United States TELEVISION VS ONLINE Total Spending in 2011 TV Spend $71.8 Up 4.5% BILLION from previous year Online Spend $32 Up 21.7% 7 BILLION from previous year PotentiaI Reach Watching TV (Q1 2012) 283,302,000 Browsing the Internet (Q12012) 211,633,00O Average Usage per Day As in Q1 2012 O: 5 HRS: 16 MIN Watching TV Browsing the Internet 1 HR:0 MIN Overlap of TV and Tablets Simultaneous Usage Percent of consumers who did the following on their tablets while watching TV... Female Looked up info related to the TV program they were watching Male Female Looked up info on a product or an ad they saw on TV Male Female Looked up info on a coupon related to the ad they saw on TV Male 30% 40% 50% 10% 20% Who's Watching TV vs. On the Web Weekly Time Spent in Hours:Minutes Ages 110:23 2-11 5:21 Watching Traditional TV Using the Internet on 101:06 12-17 10:21 a Computer 117:44 18-24 31:31 136:28 25-34 37:07 159:03 35-49 36:08 195:08 50-64 34:41 220:22 65+ 25:08 Which Source is Trusted More for News and Information? Television news Internet-only news 49.9% 38.4% 10.2% 15.9% Male Female Male Female Which Source is Trusted More for Brand-Buying Decisions? Trust Online Banner Ads I Neither Trust nor Distrust Distrust 33% Ads Served in Search Ads on TV Engine Results 21% 29% 51% Advantages of Advertising Television Advertising Online Advertising Reaches a broader demographic audience Reaches a larger number of people on a national level quicker Generally higher conversion rates Builds awareness and interest faster Drives more people online than any advertising medium More effective for reaching seniors Provides greater sense of privacy Less expensive than TV advertising Easier to target specific consumers More interactive than TV advertising Demographic information is more accessible Less expensive to change messaging Can be more personalized Stronger campaign tracking and analytics Biggest Advertisers in 2011 TELEVISION GOOGLE AD WORDS #1 $1.1 #1 LOWE'S $59.1 at&t BILLION MILLION #2 $702.2 #2 amazon $55.2 verizon MILLION MILLION #3 GEICO $414.8 $50.3 MILLION MILLION #4 StateFarm $335.7 #4 $46.9 MILLION University of Phoenix MILLION #5 $326.3 #5 State Farm $43.7 MILLION MILLION DIRECTV. Obstacles for Advertisers 2 Offline TiVo Online ABP DVR systems such as Tivo allow users to fast forward through commercials Browser addons such as Ad Block Plus block display ads and other online advertisements from appearing 115,207,000 Users 176,122,572 Downloads worldwide on FireFox (Oct 2012) 7.6% Increase 5,596,847 Users in users watching time shifted TV from Q12011 to Q2 2011 worldwide on Chrome (Oct 2012) Looking to Advertise on TV? Get your FREE media buying consultation - Sources koeppeldirect MULTI-CHANNEL DIRECT RESPONSE %9L %92 45% %23 %23 26% 52%

TV Advertising vs Online Advertising

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Shows all the advantages and disadvantages of online advertising vs TV advertising. Compares total ad spend, usage data for each medium, demographic data, and other interesting information for marketers.


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