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The Truth About Marketing Attribution

THE TRUTH MARKETING ATTRIBUTION The latest evolution in marketing performance measurement, attribution illuminates the full scope of how your prospects and customers engage with your brand across all channels. But like many new ideas, attribution is often misunderstood. The truths below seek to dispel the myths about attribution that exist in marketing today. MYTH VS Attribution isn't an untried Attribution has not been technology reserved for early proven and therefore is adopters. It is a tested approach, firmly based in quantitative analysis. too risky. Attribution doesn't require Attribution is difficult much heavy lifting. The and puts a strain on my attribution experts you hire can handle data aggregation technical resources. and normalization. 00 Attributed metrics are Attribution is actually very similar to different from how we traditional metrics. currently do things. They simply account for cross channel and cross tactic impact. Attribution doesn't devalue Attribution devalues my efforts; it builds on them, work by exposing missed providing insights that improve a marketer's baseline performance. areas of opportunity. Attribution does have strong Attribution places too much emphasis on technology at the expense of the creative technology and sophisticated math behind it, but it's the human creatives and analysts who make the decisions, not and human elements. the software. Attribution means stepping outside the traditional Attribution is too "silo" approach and disruptive to my WORK embracing a channel-agnostic strategy, which actually simplifies everything by organization FLOW and workflow. providing a holistic view of marketing performance. The Value Of Attribution These Insights Help You Make Smarter Decisions Insights to better understand your customer Data to quantify the value of your customers Tools to overcome Marketing investment becomes more effective market disruption Provides a quantifiable ROI; the typical outcome of implementing attribution is a 15-30% gain in media efficiency and corresponding increases in ROI iProspect. KVIsuallo Driving Brilliant Cross Channel Performance

The Truth About Marketing Attribution

shared by iProspectUS on May 08
iProspect and VisualIQ released a new infographic that seeks to expose some of the myths around marketing attribution. Marketing attribution helps identify the channels that are most effective in how...






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