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The Troubles of Ineffective Project Management

The Troubles of Ineffective Project Management Significance and Impact of Project Management Between 2010 2020 project management will be created new roles 15.7 million across globally Finance & Insurance project-intensive industries Manufacturing Construction Utilities Business Services i Information Services Oil & Gas China and India will lead the growth in project management, generating approximately 8.1 million and Total employment for project managers will increase by almost 60% in India, more than 33% in China and by more than 40% in the United Arab Emirates 1st 2nd 4 million project management roles through 2020,respectively Countries With Established or Quickly Developing Project Management Industries Projected New Job Demand (by 2020) Projected New Job Openings (2010-2020) Estimated Economic Impact (2020,BILLIONS) Australia Brazil Germany 375,757 1,364,932 1,642,058 153,230 759,900 347,820 519 1,027 1,290 Canada United Kingdom Japan 946,648 582,366 120,070 2,610,663 177,120 387,560 649 891 1,974 China 24,906,557 8,153,340 4,540 India United Arab Emirates 8,857,845 57,731 3,975,650 177,120 Saudi Arabia 1,022 176 103,616 12,670 USA 279 700,000 2,348,830 5,813 Ineffective Project Management People work an average of People spend 5.6 hours each week in meetings feel meetings 69% aren't productive 45 a week hours they 17 of those hours to be unproductive consider. about 45% of senior executives felt that employees would be more productive if meetings were banned once a week IBM found that 68% of project failed because of poor project management On a typical day, office workers are interrupted about seven times an hour, which adds up to 56 interruptions a day, 80% of which are considered .Maybe a little later dude! Hi hey yo! trivial, according to time-management experts What does an Ineffective Project Manager look like? Always complaining but never actually Does not have a complete plan of the project, either written down or in his head offers any solutions Not a proactive person Does not Does not anticipate problems try to improve VTW Does not Does not know manage time well how to delegate and to manage He does not have a scope good relationship with those involved Lacks drive to close the project Common Causes of Project Failure Poorly defined project scope No use of formal methods and strategies A Inadequate risk management Lack of effective communication at all levels Failure to identify key assumptions Lack of detailed documentation ? Project managers who lack experience and training Failure to track requirements and progress Lack of detail in the project plans L) Inaccurate time and effort estimates RESOURCES Taskworld" TM www.task JШ

The Troubles of Ineffective Project Management

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Bad project management comes in many different forms. All result in the same effect: projects that can’t move forward. This infographic shows you how to recognize ineffective project management prac...


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