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Transatlantic Recruitment

TRANSATLANTIC RECRUITMENT Comparing the life of recruiters in the UK & US Worldwide economic upheaval has highlighted the economic importance of the recruitment industry, reinforced its essential role in maintaining national employment levels, and spurred its further globalisation. But are working methods also converging, or are they retaining their local flavour? To shed light on this issue and support the development of global best practices, we compared how recruiters from the two largest recruitment markets, the UK and US, utilise our web-based recruitment software. The analysis revealed both similarities, and interesting differences. THE NUMBERS Recruiters per 100,000 population- 65 129 A DAY IN THE LIFE US recruiters worked 8.1 hours on average per day. UK recruiters worked 9 hours on average each day 24 ..............................................+.......... 22 20 18 16 14 12 10 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 HOURS WORKED PER DAY Because UK holidays are longer, the varied day length still results in comparable number of hours worker per year. MARTINIS VS. PINTS The US gets more job orders and submissions, but fewer interviews. The UK has a better interview rate as a ratio of total job orders. JOB ORDER "MARTINI GLASS" "PINT GLAS" SUBMISSIONS SENDOUTS INTERVIEWS United States Kingdom PLACEMENT United BUT...THE RESULTS ARE ABOUT THE SAME 35% 37% The United States gets about 35% job orders placed. Recruiters in the UK earn place- ment in 37% of job orders. U.S. RECRUITERS ARE HUNGRIER .and go home earlier. MON 11/14 TUES 11/15 WED 11/16 THURS 11/17 FRI 11/18 SAT 11/19 SUN 11/20 БАМ 7AM Lunch in the BAM US is typically SAM around 12PM 10AM 11AM 12PM US recruiters call it quits at 2PM Brits tend to 3PM 5PM take lunch at 1PM 4PM 5PM .**. 6PM 7PM 8PM 9PM UK recruiters 10PM stay at work until 6:30PM 11PM 12AM SOCIAL CREATURES 91% of recruiters in the US 88% of recruiters in the UK use social media at work use social media at work 91% 88% BULLHORN: sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Census Bureau (US); Office for National Statistics, and Recruitment and Employment Confederation (UK) Data based on Bullhorn's Applicant Tracking System and Client Relationship Management software usage data from over 50,000 recruiters across the two nations, and cross-referenced with its 2011 Recruitment Trends Survey. Web-based Recruitment Software PERCENTAGE WORKING

Transatlantic Recruitment

shared by Bullhorn on Dec 05
A report released by Bullhorn, has revealed interesting differences in the working practices of recruiters in the UK and the US.




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