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Transactional Email Best Practices for Ecommerce Business

THE TRANSACTIONAL EMAILS EVERY ECOMMERCE STORE SHOULD BE OPTIMIZING If you're in eCommerce, you probably care about email marketing a lot. But email marketing is about more than just newsletters. Optimize your transactional emails to get the most out of every interaction with your customers. WELCOME MAIL Including an offer can more than double revenue per email. WELCOME REPLY REPLY ALL ROWARD Welcome To Our eCommerce Store, Here's 10% Off Your First Order Inbox (12) From: Junk -80% To: Drafts Subject lines should be clear and concise, and include your brand name. Vague subject lines reduce open rates by up to 80%. Sent Deleted $5.83 40% MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Sending a series of emails can improve transaction rates by as much as 40% over sending a single email. The average revenue per email for welcome emails, compared to just 53c for bulk emails. ABANDONED CART -OX| MAIL REPLY REPLY ALL ROWARD Your Coffee Maker Is Still Waiting For You +10% Inbox (12) From: Junk To: The increase in open rates when specific items are called out in the subject line. Drafts Sent 67.45% +50% Deleted The increase in click through when additional purchases are recommended. 1/2 The percentage of online shopping carts that are abandoned. However, transactional email can VIEW CART Open rates vary by industry, but on average, the first email in a cart abandonment email series is opened half of the time. This falls to 40% for the second email and 27% for the third. reduce abandonment by up to 40%. RECEIPT MAIL REPLY REPLY ALL ROWARD $$ Thank You For Your Order Inbox (12) -35% From: Junk To: Drafts The reduction in click rate for confirmation emails that do not say 'thank you'. Sent Deleted +55% 114.4% The average increase in click-through when you add links to social media channels. The average open rate of receipt emails (many are opened several times). This compares to 14.4% f for bulk emails. SHIPPING CONFIRMATION - OOX| MAIL REPLY REPLY ALL ROWARD Shipping Confirmation Inbox (12) From: +20% Junk To: Drafts Adding cross-sell recommendations increases transaction rates by 20%. Sent Deleted Related Items Cut costs 20.8% On customer service by including any information a customer will need, including the order number, tracking number, date placed, delivery date, products ordered and links for tracking, returns and questions. Track your Package The average click rate for shipping confirmations, compared to just 3.1% for bulk emails. PRODUCT REVIEW 78% Using the word 'review' in the subject line has been shown to boost open rates by up to 28%. MAIL RE Y ALL REPLY ROWARD Review Your New Coffee Maker Inbox (12) Today at 8:05 p.m. Junk From: To: 2-3 weeks Drafts Sent The ideal time between purchase and sending a review email. 1/10 Deleted 63% Around 1 in 10 people will respond to product review emails. However, Review Product Of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that offers customer reviews. consumers consider customer reviews 12 times more trustworthy than manufacturer descriptions. Sources: EASY SMTP

Transactional Email Best Practices for Ecommerce Business

shared by matthewzajechowski on Oct 17
Optimizing transactional emails for E commerce business is extremely important. Easy SMTP has outlined the best practices for doing so and the importance of doing so as well in this informative inforgraphic.


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