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Toying with the World

MAD enei eeneit? MAD ayDA layDA TOYING WITH THE WORLD ceneit? AD PICT UNO Already worth $21.5 billion, the U.S. toy industry continues to grow despite our best Recession-era impulses. Two companies, Mattel and Hasbro control over 40% of our toy empire. And far evolved from their first awkward licensing agreements with film franchises like Star Wars, toy retailers aren't missing out on goldmines like Transformers or Toy Story. Consider the costs of America at play: AMERICA'S TOY ADDICTION Although the United States has LESS THAN 4% OF THE WORLD'S CHILDREN, it buys more than 40% OF THE WORLD'S TOYS. AT $21.5 BILLION, THE U.S. TOY MARKET is 26.8% of the world toy market. That's worth more than the music ($10.4 b) 26.8% and movie industry ($9.5b) combined. $21.5B $9.5B $10.4B MAD GAL $280 $20 The United States toy budget works out to $280 per child... THAT'S 14X GREATER than than the $20 per child the Chinese spend on toys... . even though, globally, 4 OF 5 TOYS are manufactured in China. AT $3.3 BILLION Americans spend more on toys for infant/preschool kids than any other age. Toys"R"us sold out of the $129 toddler tablet, Leap Pad, WITHIN AN HOUR OF ITS LAUNCH (With all of the press around the August launch of the toddler tablet, Leapfrog's stock shot up 80% over the first 3 quarters of 2011) TINKERING GIANTS: MATTEL AND HASBRO MATTEL With 2010 sales revenues hitting $5.85 BILLION Mattel is the largest toy retailer in the world Barbie dolls and gear account for $3.3 billion - MORE THAN HALF OF $3.3B TOTAL SALES $5.85B Mattel also has the largest marketing arm of any toy retailer: In its largest launch, Mattel released Rapunzel Barbie on THE SAME DAY IN 59 COUNTRIES Bringing in $200 million, she made the TOP-10 BESTSELLING TOY LISTS in Britain, the U.S. Italy, Spain, France and Germany helping raise Mattel's international sales revenues from $1.5 billion in 2000 to $1.9 billion in 2002. With 2010 sales revenues of $4.4 BILLION Hasbro falls just behind Mattel in leading the global toy market Hasbro 1/3 OF HASBRO'S SALES come from the sale of major "boy's toys" brands like TRANSFORMERS, GI JOE,AND MARVEL $1.47B $4.4B Even in 2010, Hasbro's Star Wars toys made $510 MILLION in sales. For a third consecutive year, these numbers made Star Wars the BESTSELLING "BOY'S TOYS" LICENSE Over its 30 years, the $27 billion Star Wars franchise has made MADE 3X MORE ON TOYS THAN ON MOVIES TOYS SURVIVE RECESSION-ERA REALISM EVEN THROUGH IN 2009 THE AMERICANS RECESSION'S AVERAGED PEAK OF 2009-10, U.S. TOY SALES GREW $280 PER CHILD ON TOYS 2% THAT SAME YEAR, 2 IN 3 AMERICANS MEANWHILE SPENT LESS U.S. SUPER- THAN $250 PER CHILD ON SCHOOL SUPPLIES MARKET SPENDING DROPPED .5% IN 2010, NEARLY 2 IN 3 AMERICANS DIDN'T PLAN ON CHANGING THEIR TOY BUDGETS sceneit? PICTIONARY The recession has damaged many industries including housing, education and retail, but the toy industry continues to enjoy strong performance. Through thick and thin, toys are staples in the happy family's household. If sales trends by ordinary consumers are any indication, we can trust the U.S. toy industry will keep its reassuring clip. END Brought to you by FRUGAL DAD Sources html PK1214.a spx?printable=1 y-and-toy-world-dominance.html 3?pf_rd_p=D486539851&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe -18pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B002MUANJE&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKXODER&pf_rd_r=1Z32BGWJQ8Q78TFS99DS http://faculty. otal-franchise-revenuel News/Consumer-Corner/2010/10/17/Consumer-Corner-What-recession-Toy-industry-hel d-steady-and-is-looking-for-big-holiday-season/UPI-29461287307800/

Toying with the World

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Of course it’s important to treat kids occasionally with the newest toy or the latest game. But as the economy sinks and money gets tighter, it seems to me these types of purchases are also some of ...


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