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Top PR Campaigns - A History

TOP PR CAMPAIGNS - A HISTORY In the early 1920s' Edward Bernays gave Americans bacon and eggs for breakfast. He conducted a survey of 5,000 doctors to advocate hearty protein loaded breakfasts then used the results to persuade the publlc to enjoy bacon and eggs. 3000+ 3000+ Eal 'yer Eggs! In 1906, Ivy Lee created the tirst official press release to help the Pennsylvania Railroad release detalls on an electric train wreck in New Jersey. The New York Times printed it verbatim and crisis PR was born. U.S. Egg Production 6.5 billion Protein 1906 2011 Volume of Press Releases 1.6 billion In 1938, DeBeers Mining Company engineered a PR campaign urging the public to buy diamonds by linking diamonds with romance and courtship. 1919 2011 Diamond Sales Explode by 55% In the late 1800s, P.T. Barnum Coca Cola War Consumption promoted his traveling circus by sending PR agents in advance to prime newspapers. 45 He also invented outdoor advertising with huge eye-catching posters. All this led to 1873 being the banner year for circus attendance. 1938 1941 Breeder's Cup Tweets to Record Attendance Record Sales of Number of bottles of Coca-cola consumed by US troops during WWI Trivial Pursuit To launch the new game, Trivial Pursuit, 1,800 games were sent to consumers in 20 Million Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, Coca Cola persuaded the U.S. War Department that Coke was crucial to the war effort. It was announced that 'every man in uniform gets a bottle of Coca-Cola for five cents wherever he is and whatever it costs'. 2009 2010 In 2010 the promoters of the Breeders' Cup Thoroughbred World Championships needed to re-invigorate interest in horse racing. They created a Twitter handle for racehorse Zenyatta and within a month Zenyatta had 1,300 Twitter followers. 1983. The company also created free game playing events in restaurants, bars and parks. The game outsold Monopoly in 1984 and Time magazine named it the "biggest phenomenon in game history". O Million 1982 1984 96,496 114,353

Top PR Campaigns - A History

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Ever wonder what made PR what it is today? Sure, we’re immersed in PR 2.0 and will probably leap to PR 3.0 by 2012–but without first knowing where PR started and where it came from is blasphemy (o...


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