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Top cases of roof leaks

Тор Causes Of Roof Leaks 01 Substandard Building Material Your roof is going to be only as good as the material you use to make it. Though rubber lasts longer and is preferred; fibre glass is quickly gaining ground in popularity owning to the fact that it looks very good. You can also go with felt, which is the cheapest material, but it won't last long. 02 Poor Maintenanace It doesn't matter if you buy the best roof available in the market; it won't nearly as long as it was supposed to if you don't maintain it. Inspect your roof personally and have it inspected professionally at least once a year. Age 03 Despite having your roof regularly inspected; there will come a time when your roof's age will catch up with it and it will need to be replaced. However, you can delay this by replacing worn pieces and fixing cracks. Standing Water 04 Most flat roofs are designed to handle extreme weather. Despite that, standing water can cause severe damage to your roof. The added weight of the standing water causes the structure to weaken and which, in turn, lets water inside the house. Snow & Ice 05 Peaked roofs have a huge advantage over flat roofs. They were designed to let the rain and snow fall down their sides and off the structure. Without this feature, harsh climates with a lot of snow and ice can wear down a flat roof very easily. 06 Roof Vent Isues Broken seams on metal roof vents and cracked housings on plastic roof vents can sometimes lead to water entering your house. You can use caulk to halt the leak, but that's not a permanent solution. For that you need the help of professional roofers. Want to fix your leaking roof? Čontact James 8 (927) 400-4707 -Kate roofing & construction

Top cases of roof leaks

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