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The Top 8 Qualities of an Effective Leader

THE TOP 8 QUALITIES OF ÅN I CAN-I WILL EFFECTIVE LEADER Communication Honesty Clearly relate your vision & expectations to your team keep everything working towards the same goal. Being honest & is vital for developing trust. Confidence Commitment Staying calm & Confident will help your Do what you say & stick to team your word to build to feel the same. trust, Positivity Inspiring Help your team feel like a vital Keeping yourself & team upbeat helps with morale. part of the company vision. Fairness Humility Remain objective Being humble & serving your team, they will want to follow you. & unbiased when dealing with others. EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP IS NOT Å POSITION OR TITLE Leadership is about influence, not authority; having a title does not make someone a leader. MANAGER VS LEADER Plans & budgets Motivates & inspires allocates resources influences solves problems shows direction VS proactive takes responsibility coordinates delegates BUSINESS LEADERSHIP 5 STEPS TO ADDRESSING THE LEAD • THE BEST LEARNERS MAKE THE BEST LEADERS 1 We must teach people how to learn leadership from life experiences. We need to stop teaching leadership theory in a vacuum, and start teaching people how to learn leadership from real-world experiences. LEADERSHIP AS A SET OF PRINCIPLES Business education is largely oriented toward teaching an important but narrow set of technical knowledge and skills. We need to expand our teaching to encompass a set of leadership principles that can be globally applied across situations. Doing so will build an adaptive capacity that enables people to more effectively lead in today's complex and dynamic business environment. O ORGANIZATIONS THAT FOCUS ON LEADERSHIP PRACTICES WILL REAP REWARDS 3. Research has shown that the ability to lead people effectively is about three times more important to a leader's career success than other skills and knowledge. 4. O LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT AT ALL LEVELS Leadership is not about position. We need to expand our focus to figure out ways to efficiently and economically develop leaders throughout organizations. • LEADERSHIP IS BECOMING MORE COLLECTIVE Leadership during the past 50 years has been about the individual. However, in the last 15 years, this model has become less effective and has transitioned to being more collaborative. Organizations must create multilevel leadership development systems and ensure steadiness between levels of consistent competencies, concepts, language and themes. GOOD LEADERS ARE MADE NOT BORN. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT AT ALL LEVELS OF THE ORGANISATION IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR : SHYAM TANEJA UNNATI INSTITUTE OF POTENTIAL EXPLORATION PVT. LTD. Success is the attainment of a high social status or achievement from your goals. I CAN-I WILL Unnati is a leading training, consulting and learning solutions provider. Our decades of experience in research and implementation with hundreds of corporate and government clients, helps us deliver unique customized training and development solutions to manage / enhance organization performance. For More Details Visit : Unnati Institute of Potential Exploration Pvt. Ltd. Connect With Us On Social Media Sites: 8* I CAN-I WILL DA

The Top 8 Qualities of an Effective Leader

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Unnati is a leading training, consulting and learning solutions provider.


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