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Top 5 Conversion Opportunities for Digital Marketers

AT Adobe INEFFICIENT IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING IMPACT 81% Research shows that marketers spend $92 to acquire traffic of respondents allocate only Prioritize optimization and only $1 to optimize it 15 OPTIMIZATION SUGGESTIONS percent Source: Omniture. 2009 Make small subtle changes on small initiatives 1. Image placement 2. Re-wording content Note before and after conversion rates OR LESS Implement successes onto bigger initiatives. OF THEIR MARKETING BUDGET TO ON-SITE OPTIMIZATION EFFORTS ADD DATA-DRIVEN AUTOMATION 2. content findability, Use a data-driven approach 34 ue site search first percent of site visitors 26 53 do tot optimize searc resus in any fashion percent optimize it manualy percent of digital marketers if they do optimize SUGGESTIONS place personalized content on relevant pages early in funnel. recommend popular items towards the end of funnel to encourage visitors to continue shopping CC Krakuspm recommendations and cross-sells of respondents are providing only the most 33 popular and current products. of digital marketers provide no content or product recommendations 38 testing percent percent "Assumptions tend to be wrong" Dan Siroker, Product Manager for Google 62 of site visitors find recommendations useful Forrester Cc SupermartI 52% percent CC Lilly M ... .... testing is not a priority at the company SUGGESTIONS only 10% of organizations surveyed use testing as a form of decision making. Tracking users throughout entire process Those who do test generally handle it manually. displays immediate improvement possibilities. and generally only focus on VISUAL TESTING Landing & Home Page Page personalization Most websites are designed to be relevant for a majority audience, MVT TESTING *****. but they are largely irrelevant to the individual visitor. pitting different combinations of campaign or site design elements against each other to get the perfect recipe for different customers 32 P4PU assumption that personalization is only important for the first page experience (which is important) but there is so much more. use very little to no targeting. X)49% of respondents target manually Environment variables Offline variables Customers evolve leverage ALL information to provide the most relevant experience in real time. Site behavior variables Referrer variables Temporal variables 61% of respondents are focusing on video as an effective Optimize conversion with video marketing strategy for conversion this year. EFE a page with video photo CC: G Korwin Piotrowski how to give your video more impact extending the life of videos by generating engagement. ....*******... is 50x more likely to appear in top Google searches. NEITHER BOTH JAM Jupiter Research clickable annotations JELLY and overlays 45 photo copyright wheezywaiter and youtube Optimize all mobile channels Tablet users more likely to make a purchase and spend are 3X 50% than smartphone user visitors, 20% & they spend more more than laptop/desktop users too. Prefer Prefer 67 Mobile sites Mobile apps 33) of all respondents- 000 ALL OF THE OPTIMIZATION APPROACHES ABOVE HAVE TO ALSO BE ACCOUNTED FOR MOBILE. JUST BECAUSE WEB TACTICS WORKED WELL, DOESN'T MEAN MOBILE CHANNELS WILL WORK TOP MOBILE TACTICS FOR 2012 42 MOBILE SITES MOBILE APPS WELL. THIS IS A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME, Marketers have 34% always understood ......... Optimize social engagement the power of word of mouth in 2012, Social sharing. the top effective social strategy social network 70% according to of respondents 20 of users Give consumers a voice. f Engage in the dialogue. spent $67 per quarter Measure and moderate for positive impact. compared to $27 by nonusers. who spend the most time on Facebook Digital Marketing Optimization Survey, visit: -* ADOBE.COM/SOLUTIONS/DIGITAL-MARKETING

Top 5 Conversion Opportunities for Digital Marketers

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Uncover the top five areas that dig­i­tal mar­keters should focus on to imme­di­ately improve con­ver­sion and return on their mar­ket­ing investments.





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