Top 20 highest paying careers

TOP 20 Highest Paying Careers Best-paying Jobs Requiring an Associate Degree Nuclear Medicine Technologist Nuclear Dental Radiation Air Traffic Technician Hygienist Therapist Controller $68,037 $69,638 $70,408 $76,627 $113,547 Engineering Technician Aerospace Engineering Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Fashion Nurse Designer $58,698 $61,547 $63,170 $65,499 $65,853 Best-paying Jobs Requiring a Bachelor's Degree Computer Hardware Engineer Aerospace Engineer Nuclear Airline Petroleum Engineer Pilot Engineer $98,134 $99,715 $102,409 $105,518 $122,242 Actuary Electronics Chemical Software Atmospheric And Space Scientist Engineer Engineer Developer $89,794 $91,062 $91,478 $92,934 $96,034 THE WAGE GAP BETWEEN RACES At the graduate and doctoral levels, African Americans and Latinos earn far less than their Asian and Caucasian counterparts, making nearly $1 million dollars less. At the graduate degree level, Asian professionals earn more over a lifetime than Caucasians. African Americans holding a bachelor degree make 20% less than Caucasians holding a bachelor degree. LIFETIME EARNINGS BY EDUCATION LEVEL $3,648,000 $3,252,000 $2,671,000 $2,268,000 $1,727,000 $1,547,000 $1,304,000 $973,000 High School Associate's Bachelor's Master's Degree Doctoral Professional Degree Less than Some High School College/ Diploma No Degree Degree Degree Degree MALE AND FEMALE EARNINGS BY DEGREE LEVEL $4,033,000 Professional $3,010,000 $3,466,000 Doctoral $2,857,000 To earn as much as $3,145,000 Master's as men with a Bachelor's, women $2,321,000 need a PhD Bachelor's $2,593,000 $1,939,000 Men who have some college but no degree earn nearly as much as woman with a Bachelor's. Associate's $1,933,000 $1,544,000 Some College/ No Degree $1,802,000 $1,327,000 High School Diploma $1,500,000 $1,117,000 Male Less Than $1,103,000 High School $797,000 Female Unusual Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well Embalmer Hot Dog Vendor Average Pay: $43,680 $30,000 - $100,000/year Ice Cream Taster (Food Scientist) Personal Shopper $25,000 - $100,000+/year $56,000/year JOB! Virtual Head Body Part Model Hunter $250 - $10,000 / referral $20 - $1,000+ for an afternoon Cruise Ship Live Mannequin Entertainer ........ D Up to $100 an hour $3,000 to $4,500 a month plus room and board Top 20 Highest Paying Careers Natural Sciences Oral Surgeons Managers $166,400 $116,020 Physicians & Surgeons $166,400 Computer & Information Systems Managers $115,780 Orthodontists Petroleum Engineers $166,400 $114,080 Chief Executives Marketing Managers $165,080 $112,800 Dentists, All Other Specialists $161,020 Lawyers $112,760 Dentists, General Pharmacists $141,040 $111,570 Judges and Magistrates $119,270 Air Traffic Controllers $108,040 Architectural & Political Scientists Engineering Managers $119,260 VOTE $107,420 Prosthodontists Physicists MAR $118,400 $106,370 Podiatrists Financial Managers + $118,030 $103,910 Sources - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Odd Jobs: How to Have Fun and Make Money in a Bad Economy - Promotions-The-best-paying-jobs-for-2-and-4-year-degrees/ - Georgetown University. The College Payoff: Education, Occupations, and Lifetime Earnings. A. Carnevale, S. Rose, and B. Cheah. Provided by:

Top 20 highest paying careers

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The education infographic is a breakdown of the highest paying careers and average lifetime earnings based on education levels. We take a look at several factors like race, gender, and degree levels a...


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