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The Top 10 Project Planning Pitfalls.

THE 10 PROJECT TOP PLANNING PITFALL Poor estimation during the planning phase continues to be the largest contributor to project failures. The third global survey on the state of project management, PwC, 2012 10 NOT ALIGNING PROJECT STRATEGY 1O WITH THAT OF THE ORGANIZATION Projects should reflect and enhance the strategy of the organization as a whole in order to reach business goals. 70% said their project portfolio matched that of their organiza- tion, affecting both performance & achievement of business goals. PROJECT STRATEGY ORGANIZATION AN INEXPERIENCED OR UNTRAINED TEAM Project success relies heavily on having the best people involved. Staff training and experience are vital to creating an effective and efficient team 32.1% of organizations work towards enhancing project performance through team-building & skill development. 8. PROJECT SCOPE INFLEXIBLE TO CHANGES It is never a good thing when the scope of your project changes and it can usually be avoided with thorough planning. But being adaptable and having a "Plan B" in case it does happen along the PROJECT PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 FINAL way is imperative. Only 46.5% PLAN agree that a process was in place to ad- dress baseline changes in the scope of a project. BEING OVERLY-OPTIMISTIC WITH DEADLINES Repeatedly missing deadlines creates an atmosphere of distrust for your stakeholders, who may begin to question your ability to lead the project to completion. Respondents attributed project failures to missed deadlines & inadequate estimations 32% of the time. DEADLINE POOR COMMUNICATION & A LACK OF REGULAR MEETINGS Without regular communication and transparency among your team and all stakeholders, your project has a higher risk of failure. 38% say their projects lacked transparency & that critical deci- sions and actions were not effectively communicated 5 FAILURE TO BUDGET PROPERLY If you fail to have a budget in place before you start the project, you may not be giving your team access to the resources they need to make the project a success. 24 %24 45% %24 %24 say reasonable budget assumptions were neither documented nor assessed in recent project failures. 4 NOT ESTABLISHING A SYSTEM TO APPROVE & TRACK CHANGES Accept that projects will change, but establish a process to track & approve so budget & success auditing can take changes into account when the project is complete. 62% say changes in scope, timing, responsibility, ap- proach, pass/fai criteria, corrective action processes, and sign-off require effective quality assurance strategies. "CHANGES" EXTRA COST CHANGES CHANGES 2$ UNDEFINED TEAM ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES It is imperative that everyone involved with your project understands what their work is, how it fits into the project as a whole & to whom they will be reporting. Around 30% sy no structure outlining teams & reporting relationships existed in past underachieving projects. 30% 70% 2 NOT GETTING STAKEHOLDER BUY-IN All stakeholders in the outcomes of the project should fully support its implementation. If they do not, then project failure will be blamed on you. 84% think the support of senior management contributed to their MM project's success. 1 NOT BEING CRYSTAL CLEAR ABOUT THE SCOPE OF THE PROJECT When planning a project, the scope must be comprehensive, detailed & crystal clear to team members, stakeholders and, preferably, the entire organization to lay the foundation for its success. NEW PROJECT 32% |» > of managers believe poorly estimated timelines and out- comes are the biggest reason projects fail. USING THE RIGHT SOFTWARE TOOL CAN HELP PLAN, EXECUTE & TRACK YOUR PROJECTS, AS WELL AS AUDIT THEIR SUCCESS. TEMPO PLANNER *Statistics are based on the PwC Insights and Trends: Current Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Practices, The third global survey on the current state of project management, 2012. The survey consisted of 1,524 respondents from 38 countries and within 34 industries. The majority of the participants were Project Managers, Programme Managers, or Executive Managers. The respondents were asked questions regarding the success of a recent project. SOURCES: TEMPO CHANGES CHANGES

The Top 10 Project Planning Pitfalls.

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Infographic designed by Apolinar Rios to Infoglyphs, about the the top 10 of erros in proejcts and because they fail.




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