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Top 10 Agile Fails

TOP 10 AGILE FAILS YOUR TEAM LACHS DISREGARDING FEEDBACH FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT FROM CUSTOMERS Real empowerment means that the team is Your customer is your number one fully involved in making decisions that impact the final product. Management does not tell the team what to do - rather they provide a road map to what is most important. stakeholder.Ensure that you're constantly checking this feedback loop so that you're not constantly including things the customer does not want or need. LACH OF TRUST LACH OF COMMUNICATION Team members must trust one another implicitly. Trust must be instilled at all levels, and it's Even if you have the most meticulously documented processes, failure to management's responsibility to ensure that this trust permeates the organization by letting the communicate directly can be a serious setback. The best way to avoid this is with team know that they are trusted to make the right constant communication about issues and decisions and take the right actions. progress. LACH OF PROPER PLANNING With the Agile approach, planning is a constant state all during the project. Successful agile teams typically expect to commit at least 20% of their available work hours working on planning. 6. INADEQUATE TESTING Agile is all about delivering GOOD QUALITY software, on time and budget. Testing should be an integral part of the software coding and building process, not just an afterthought that happens after the coding is done. 8. NOT WARNING PEOPLE THAT RESISTANCE IS FUTILE Changing people's work habits can be tough, and some folks might resist the switch to Agile methods. Prepare yourself thoroughly for this eventuality. Start with clear communication INCOHERENT TEAM STRUCTURE Awesome Agile teams are both stable and from management to all team cross-functional. Management needs to challenge themselves to keep teams together through each year, quarter, or month even. members. LACH OF GOOD ESTIMATION Good estimation comes with practice. Do communicate to management and stakeholders that the team will need a few iterations to get up to speed and figure out their velocity. 10 NO POST-DELIVERY DEMO OR RETROSPECTIUE MEETINGS 6!! The meetings at the end of each iteration and release act as a much needed bookend to the planning and pre-sprint meetings which complete the inspect-then-adapt cycle. These meetings should take place at every level. Daily stand-up meetings should have a retrospective component. TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE GO TO: VTaskworld"™ FOR MORE TASKWORLD INFOGRAPHICS GO To: 3.

Top 10 Agile Fails

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The Agile framework definitely can be a powerful way of going about developing software. But as with any process, things can go wrong. It’s important to stay on top of things before they get out of ...




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