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Top 10 Accounting Jobs In 2014

THE TOP 10 Accounting Jobs In 2014 DEMAND & MORE DEMAND As the economy recovers and business complexity increases, the strong demand for accountants continues. How Many Accountants Now? 1.3m. Predicted job growth over next ten years: 13%. That's 166,700 new jobs. SALARIES, DEGREES & THE CERTIFICATION ADVANTAGE With median salaries running at $63k, a Bachelor's degree is all but necessary for most accounting jobs. However, you can expect to earn 5% - 10% more if you hold the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification which remains the most highly regarded by employers. SALARY RANGE $0 to $37,000 ACCOUNTING INTERNSHIPS • Gain practical work experience in any accounting discipline while you complete your education • Internships often lead to an entry level position after college graduation • Take advantage. Ask intelligent questions, participate in company functions, volunteer for additional work but above all...ask for advice. And listen to the answers SALARY RANGE $30k to $40k ACCOUNTING CLERK Entry level accounting position exposing you to numerous financial transactions within a business • Reconcile bank statements, investigate customer billings issue and maintain accounting system records • Fast become the "go to" person in the organization for all accounting queries SALARY BOOKKEEPER RANGE • Record and maintain all the financial transactions and records of small and mid-size enterprises $36k to $61k • Uniquely positioned, Bookkeepers work closely with business owners to give operational advice and manage cash flow Demanding and stressful but very rewarding SALARY RANGE $34k to $80k PAYROLL ACCOUNTANT • Calculates the daily, weekly monthly and annual payments to employees, executives and board members Powerful role within any organization.Super attention to detail required High-quality interpersonal skills a must. Wages = Emotions. Be prepared for tough conversations SALARY RANGE $44k to $130k EXTERNAL AUDITOR • External Auditors work for Public Accounting firms. Many CPA's start their training here • Required by organizations of all sizes to ensure that financial statements are free from material mis-statement, errors or omissions • An Auditor is a watchdog and not a bloodhound. Must be tenacious, thick skinned, relentless in the pursuit of answers, travel frequently and work long hours. The reward is a unique understanding of how organizations work. Your text SALARY RANGE TAX ACCOUNTANT $44k to $125k • Cut your teeth preparing federal, state and local tax returns for companies of all sizes. Leads to giving sophisticated advice to minimize tax bills • Don't be confined to Public Accounting. Work in small and large corporations as well as Government TAA Huge hours during tax time (January to April) and large corporate transactions such as IPO's and acquisitions. Big-time pressure SALARY GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTANT RANGE • Regulation, taxation and financial crime are creating a growing need for accountants at every level in Government $58k to $100k • Usually offers extensive benefit packages and an established career path • Work with Congress or the FBI. Or what about a State budget? • You won't accumulate extreme wealth as a civil servant but you'll potentially improve the lives of your fellow citizens SALARY RANGE FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT • Review the financial records, processes and working environment of individuals and organizations to support criminal and civil legal proceedings $69k to $108k • Track down terrorism activity, flush out fraudulent employees and bogus insurance claims. Bring resolution to messy divorces • Must be tenacious, have a passion for justice but be objective at SALARY RANGE all times MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTANT $55k to $117k • Gather, analyze and present a wide range of financial information allowing company executives to make informed business decisions • Detailed involvement in budgeting, forecasting, long-term strategy, cost-management, new product evaluation, business acquisition and divestments. SALARY RANGE • Smart and proactive analysis makes you a trusted business advisor FINANCIAL ACCOUNTANT $47k to $142k • Ensure that all the financial transactions are properly recorded in the financial systems Prepare financial statements (income statements, balance sheets, cash flows and disclosures) • Work closely with the internal and external auditors SOURCES articles/8-fight-fraud-as-a-forensic-accountant ACCOUNTING-CAREERS-GUIDE.COM

Top 10 Accounting Jobs In 2014

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Discover the top 10 Accounting Jobs in 2014. Everything from Internships, Bookkeepers to Forensic Accountants and External Auditors.


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