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Tomorrow's Workplace

TOMORROW S rethinking what e possile WORKPLACE "MAKING THE SIMPLE COMPLICATED IS COMMONPLACE; MAKING THE COMPLICATED SIMPLE, AWESOMELY SIMPLE, THAT'S CREATIVITY." -CHARLES MINGUS Workplaces tend to follow trends, fads, & ideas of the time. telegraphs! the railroad! gen X! brandy! computer rooms! boomers! smoking spaces! facsimiles! wi-fi! cubicles! рay phones! millennials! libraries! THE PROBLEMIS öld. these trends get... FOR SALE WiFi! as do the buildings th at support them 2,000,000.000 DUILT. SQUARE FEET OF OFFICE SPACE WAS IN THE We've built the inventory But it lacks imagination. We have to park demand. .meh HUW DO WE INSPIRE We make them awesome, for today & tomorrow 10.000 Baby Boomers reach retirement age every day No more "out with the old, in with the new." Tomorrow's lasting workplace isn't going to be about fading trends. It's going to be rooted in the things that are important to all people. SOLD! THE HUMAN FACTORS safety growth personal connections well-being satisfaction learning flexibility money Safety - From physical safety to job security, Growth - The opposite of withering. We acquire a sense of fulfillment by constantly we want control over certain aspects of our environment to ensure a level of stability. developing our capabilities and knowledge. Personal Connections - Love + Friendship Well-being - An intangible that encompasses = enjoyment, acceptance, trust, and everything from your body and mind to the air you breathe and the people who surround you. understanding. Satisfaction - According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, we have a variety of requirements that must be satisfied before we Learning - We enjoy sharing ideas and overcoming obstacles to make sense of our world. We learn through play, instruction, achieve the ultimate self-actualization. experimentation, and the list goes on. 24 Flexibility - People want choices. One of the top 5 reasons people quit their jobs is due to a lack of flexibility at the workplace. Money - Who said money can't buy happiness? A Princeton Study found emotional wellbeing rose as personal income climbed to $75,000. When needs are met, community. develops! The environments we work in must be more than just that. They must be a reflection of how we like to LIVE. WORK. PLAY PARKS & WELLNESS People crave access to nature. Tomorrow's workplace has rooftop gardens and multi-story walking paths to lift the spirit and give residents options in urban areas. HOUSING No more commuting! Tomorrow's workplace incorporates multiple options for home life to promote efficient, effective access to what you need. OFFICE Tomorrow's workplace provides the spaces people desire to promote creativity, attract thought leaders, increase employee satisfaction, and promote interaction through social spaces which promote relationship building. A variety of shared amenities give tenants options in lease space. RETAIL Groceries, child and pet care, pharmacies. These are types of businesses people seek when finding a home. Tomorrow's workplace offers these spaces under the same roof. Digital advertisement boards draw in outside business and provide new avenues of profit for building owners. ADVEN we can grow these communities reusing what we have EMBODIED All of the energy it takes to manufacture, maintain, ENERGY and dispose of a given material at its end of life. Reusing the materials in an 8-story, prototypical 80's office building is equivalent to saving about. 117,417 9 GALLONS OF GASOLINE This This would take youfrom to New York Los Angeles 423TIMES=D with all those buildings out there, imagine the petenal INCREASE OUR OUALITY OF LIFE FILL DEMANDS IN CHANGING MARKETS RETAIN & ATTRACT TALENT TO NEW AREAS CREATE ATTRACTIVE SPACES ACROSS GENERATIONS DEKKER PERICH ARCHITECTURE SABATINI DESIGN INSPIRATION

Tomorrow's Workplace

shared by web-dpsdesign on Jul 29
No more “out with the old, in with the new.” Tomorrow’s lasting workplace isn’t going to be about fading trends. It’s going to be rooted in the things that are important to all people. This ...


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