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Tobacco Smokes the World

TOBACCO SMOKES THE WORLD WE DON'T SMOKE THAT S--T, WE JUST SELL IT. We reserve that right for the young, the poor, the black, and the stupid. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco executive, 1992 No industry is more infamous than Big Tobacco. Despite a number of government programs designed to eradicate tobacco use, 250 million children alive today will die as 1. a result of tobacco. READ ON TO FIND OUT HOW BIG TOBACCO IS US MARKET SMOKING THE WORLD. 20 PHILIP MORRIS EXECUTIVES are responsible for producing at least 180 BILLION CIGARETTES PER YEAR (that means each executive is responsible for 9 billion cigarettes: enough cigarettes to fill London's Big Ben Tower nearly 7x) Philip Morris controls 50% of the US tobacco market. Over a 30-year career, each executive is essentially responsible for 664,500 PREMATURE DEATHS (that's like killing the entire population of Seattle) 2. THE CONSUMER 5.5 TRILLION CIGARETTES ARE SMOKED EACH YEAR WORLDWIDE That' s enough for every person in the world to smoke 790 cigarettes each year. (That s over 2x the 2.1 trillion cigarettes produced in 1960) In 2006 US consumers spent $90 billion on tobacco products. THAT'S 15X THE BUDGET OF THE LARGEST CANCER RESEARCH LAB IN THE US 3. HEALTH EFFECTS OF TOBACCO Cigarette smoking is the NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF PREVENTABLE DEATH IN THE US It kills more Americans than AIDS, ALCOHOL, CAR ACCIDENTS, MURDER, SUICIDES, DRUGS, & FIRES COMBINED Jull This year, cigarettes will leave 31,000 KIDS FATHERLESS (85 dads will die per day) About 70% of smokers say they want to quit - This year, only 4.7% will succeed in quitting. CORPORATE EXPENDITURES Oooh la la! Sexy Smoke! SEXY LADY CIGARETTES ARE SEXY In 2006, cigarette companies spent $12.4 BILLION ON ADVERTISING IN THE SMONING SECKS US ALONE That's 100x what the US Food & Drug Administration plans to spend on anti-tobacco campaigns this year. (Interestingly, teen smoking has risen over 10% in the last 10 years) 5. EARNINGS Philip Morris International 2010 stats-at-a-glance REVENUE: $27 BILLION PROFITS: $7.3 BILLION PROFIT MARGIN: 26.7% (This is 3x the profit margin of Big Oil, & 2x that of Big Pharmaceutical) In 2008, Louis C. Camilleri, Chairman and CEO of Philip Morris, made $32 million. In that same year, 39.8 million Americans lived beneath the poverty line. THE RATIO OF CAMILLERI'S EARNINGS TO A FAMILY'S INCOME AT THE POVERTY LINE: 1,400 :1 6. TOBACCO NATION China accounts for over 40% of the global tobacco market. CITGO ANNUAL DEATHS FROM SMOKING, IN CHINA: 730,000 (That's like eradicating the population of Boston, MA.. EACH YEAR) ANNUAL DEATHS FROM SECONDHAND SMOKE, IN CHINA: 100,000 7. COST Including smoking-caused health costs, cigarettes cost an average of $10.47/pack in the US. For a pack-a-day smoker, that totals over $3,800/YEAR, OR AT LEAST $190,000 over a lifetime of smoking. (That's enough to buy a 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo for retirement) 8. THE GLOBAL MARKET 5 COMPANIES CONTROL 85% OF THE GLOBAL TOBACCO MARKET 32% The world's largest tobacco producer, China National Tobacco, controls 32% of the global market. They have over 330 million customers MORE THAN ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE US WANT TO QUIT? MORE THAN 48 MILLION AMERICANS SUCCESSFULLY QUIT SMOKING IN 2008 1. Write down the reasóns why you want to quit and keep your list where you'll see it often. Good places: Where you keep your cigarettes, in your wallet or purse, in the kitchen, or in your car. 2. Use START - S=Set a quit date. T=Tell family, friends, and coworkers that you plan to quit. A=Anticipate and plan for challenges. R=Remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, car or work. T=Talk to your doctor about getting help. 3. After talking to your doctor, choose a medicine to help you quit. Medicines can double your chances of. quitting. Use a support program (1-800-QUIT-NOW), and keep busy to avoid triggers, or situations which may cause a relapse. Global demand for tobacco has never been higher. Although 443,000 Americans will die this tobacco use, more than 5 million people globally will die from tobacco - mostly in the developing world. Without worldwide action, Big Tobacco is here to stay. from year END Brought to you by FRUGAL DAD Sources: Altria/Our_Management_Team/default.aspx?src=top_nav ments%2FASH_123.pdf&ei=ozLUTumWISONigLZwZiaDg&usg=AFQJCNHCOV_C4qGIAThnapDUeFS_IR7ywg United States_cities_by_population

Tobacco Smokes the World

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