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Tips for Professional Photography

Tips for Professional Photography They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. PHOTO RESEARCH Depending on the quality of the photo, it could be worth even more than that. Pntchard e80 To make your photography invaluable, it's time to brush up your skills and implement a few tips from the pros. In no time, your pictures will be on par with some of the greats! RESOLUTION MATTERS. When shooting your photos, make sure that your camera set to the highest possible resolution. The higher the resolution, the more pixels per square inch will be present. This gives you the ability to enlarge a photo while avoiding a pixilated look. you have KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE. While photographing, it's important to decide what you're trying to capture. Are you trying to get an excellent picture of a person? Capture a moment? Showcase a beautiful scene? Once you've decided, center your efforts on taking the best photo possible. Keep anything distracting out of the frame and do your best to keep a clean background. DON'T BE AFRAID TO GET UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. Filling the frame with your subject is a great way to capture details and make a statement. If you are filming something small, use the macro or flower mode. These amplify the small details and add beautiful texture to the shot. LOCK IN THE FOCUS. Most cameras focus on whatever it has in the middle of the frame. If you need your camera to focus elsewhere, make sure you lock in the focus by pressing halfway down on the shutter. Then reframe the shot and press the shutter button again to snap the picture. INVEST IN QUALITY PRODUCTS. PHOTO PESEARCH 目 日 日 日 目 ■ While your digital camera will have a light meter built into it, purchase a photometer. This helps to measure the light in any scenario and with various subjects, ensuring that you get the best shot. Pntchard 380 ĮPHOTO RESEARCH The Reference in Color and Light Measurement

Tips for Professional Photography

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Creating the perfect photo takes work and attention to detail. If even one component is off, it could destroy the entire picture. Don’t settle for mediocre; find out how to take your photography to ...




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