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Tips for ManagTips for Managers to Lead from the Front during Crisisers to Lead from the Front during Crisis

TIPS FOR fasold giobal consulting MANAGERS to Lead From the Front During Crisis 88 It is expected that managers play a leading role in controlling any situation that has gone out of hand. However, some people do face problems in handling any critical situation due to their lack of experience. Crisis doesn't give any warning when it happens and managers should always be on their feet to handle them. HERE ARE SOME TIPS THAT WILL HELP MANAGERS HANDLE CRISIS AND LEAD FROM THE FRONT DURING A CRISIS. LOOK FOR AUTHENTIC INFORMATION As a manager it is your responsibility to find out the most reliable, up-to- date information from trustworthy sources. At times it is seen people rely on various social media platforms to keep themselves informed about the latest happenings. However, you must be wary about relying on social media because a lot of information on these platforms are biased. You need to rely on authentic channels for information and also corroborate it from multiple sources. Support your team members 10101 Being a leader it is your responsibility to see to it that your employees get the desired support they are looking for. You need to display an understanding of your employee's needs, preferences, and circumstances. Providing timely and individualized support will help your team members in achieving the work goals set for them. These kinds of support are especially helpful in pandemic- like situations and for that matter any kind of crisis. EXPLAIN H OW YOU ARE HANDLING THE CRISIS During a crisis, everyone will be eager to know what is the response of the organization as time is of the essence. Managers have to prepare themselves to immediately tackle a problem without the availability of adequate information. Getting paralyzed in decision-making is the biggest hurdle managers face & this causes more harm than the crisis. You need to take action on a priority basis and keep your team members informed happenings. about the latest CONCLUSION some of the tips that adapt for better These are managers handling of any crisis. can You also need to be available to your team members whenever they require some sort of assistance. 10 10

Tips for ManagTips for Managers to Lead from the Front during Crisisers to Lead from the Front during Crisis

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Nowadays, most managers have to face and solve problems on a daily basis related to the working of the organization. Crisis doesn’t come with warnings are sudden in nature and occurrence. This is wh...


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