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Tips on How to Create Good Online Survey

Tips On how to create a Good Online Survey What type of questions should you ask? What should your survey look like? Should you test your survey before distributing? How big should your sample size be? These are probably just a selection of the questions that may be racing through your mind. With this in mind, we have decided to make your life that bit easier and put together some great tips on how to create a good online survey. Do research and choose the right sample size ML Your sample size depends on the type of survey you are conducting, who your target audience is and your desired margin of error. If the sample is not large enough your results may be inaccurate, so ensure to research carefully ahead. 2. Easy to navigate It is vital to keep questions in their logical order on your survey. Use the funnelapproach: Start with broad/general questions that introduce the topic. Move into more specific questions. Finish with general, easy-to-answer questions. 3. An appealing design Keep the design of the survey simple. Avoid making it long and complicated as this can deter respondents. Make use of images and graphics to an extent as this can make your survey more visually appealing. 4. Questions need to be clear Ensure your questions are well-written - avoid using acronyms that your audience may not be familiar with or any unnecessary jargon. 5. Be direct with your language Make sure your questions are as direct and specific as possible e.g. compare: What has your experience been working with our IT team? To: How satisfied are you with the response time of our IT team? 6. Close ended versus open ended questions Closed ended questions give respondents specific choices (e.g. Yes or No) and this makes it easier to analyse results. Open ended questions on the other hand allow people to answer a question in their own words; they provide useful qualitative information but they can be harder to analyse. Close ended questions tend to be the preferred choice for analysis purposes. Use a scale when possible Remember to use scales when asking questions instead of the basic yes or no type question. They can measure the intensity of opinions, for example, someone who "strongly supports" a decision is very different from someone who only"slightly supports" it. Test your survey 8. Make sure you test your survey with a few members of your co-workers before you send it out to the public. This will enable you to find any issues with your survey or perhaps unexpected question interpretations. WESTED APPROVED References: Survey

Tips on How to Create Good Online Survey

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A good online survey is key if you want high response rates. In many instances, people who are not familiar with creating online surveys on a regular basis can neglect to think about the relevance of ...


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