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Tips to Build Your Personal Brand

TIPS TO BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND So how does a businesses make the leap to becoming a brand? HERE ARE THE TIPS: Name Brand Identity Logo Tagline Shape What is it that you're trying to market and who are you selling to? Imagery Elements Type Your brand identity will guide you throughout all future branding steps, so think carefully about your tone of voice. Brand Voice How do you want to represent your business to clients? Building up on how you defined your brand identity, you can move forward to develop the "voice" you think will be most effective for your business' success. What we mean by voice is actually quite straightforward. Marketing Plan According to the identity and voice you established for your brand. A business that is trying to brand itself as exclusive and elegant probably should steer clear from sales and promotions; and a business that targets gamers as its audience should focus marketing efforts on media channels that are popular with this group. Design & Content How your brand should literally look and sound like. Now that you have your brand voice figured out and a marketing plan to match, the next move in branding would be to establish how your brand should literally look and sound like. Online Presence Successful branding, relies heavily on online presence. Successful branding, especially for relatively new businesses, relies heavily on online presence. Internet platforms are highly effective in reaching target audiences directly, and they are accessible to small businesses in a way that most traditional media are not. Gopromotional always on target ===== %24

Tips to Build Your Personal Brand

shared by jenthames on Apr 27
5 tips for building your personal brand, including brand identity, brand voice, marketing plan, design & content and online presence.


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