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Tips To Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

SHOPPING CART ABANDONMENT I AND TIPS TO AVOID IT K Shopping cart abandonment remains a major ecommerce concern. To help manage this 75% problem, here are tips to help significantly lower shopping cart abandonment. The average number of online shopping cart purchases abandoned. HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS AND AVOID THIS THE BREAKDOWN OF A PERFECT CHECKOUT PAGE: CALLS TO ACTION PROGRESS INDICATOR These are key-keep them BACK LINKS Customers like knowing where they are in the process. Number steps to track progress. concise. consistent. prominent. and color contrasted. Never place the "checkout" button next to Including a back link allows the customer treedom: don't make DEDICATED TOLL-FREE the "remove from cart" button. them teel cloistered. HOTLINE 200 Some customers are uncomfortable using their cards online. THUMBNAILS + BACK TO SHOPPING Allow them the option to fax orders. Always provide contact CHECKOUT STEP 2 STEP 1 COMPLETE! Include thumbnails so customers know they are buying the INCLUSION OF ITEM EXPRESS CHECKOUT: information during checkout to alleviate right item-you don't THUMBNAIL PICTURES any concerns the customer might have. INCREASES CONVERSION USERNAME NEED HELP? CALL US AT 1-800-555-5555 want them to have to start the whole RATES BY 10 PERCENT. PASSWORD process over. EDIT ITEM YOU MAY ALSO LIKE. CROSS-SELLING Be careful where, how ALLOW CHANGES and when you cross-sell. Remember to use the monetary cart amount as a gauge for offering cross-seling PayPal Google Checka Making moves easy for your customer is the key. Make changing details on the checkout page easy and intuitive. EDIT ITEM SAVE CART It never hurts to include third party reinforcement logos such as Verisign. Allowing customers to choose different payment options decreases shopping cart Many customers use their shopping cart as an idea collector for the future. Allow them the Test the placement of such logos for option of reviewing at a later time, or emaling goods they're abandonment. converalon rate SECURITY DIVERSIFY PAYMENT OPTIONS diferences interested in to themselves. SAVE THE CART SNAPSHOT DIGITAL MARKET: BEST PRACTICES TO DECREASE SHOPPING CART ABANDONMENT ****! DON'T * REQUIREDI DO DO LOWEST PRICE MATCH Force Customers to Register Preach It with Customer Testimonials Offer Price Guarantees Don't create any more steps than necessary Customers love to hear other customers' feeback. With the saturation of many markets, nowadays it's easy to find the lowest price. If you already have your customer on your site, reaffirming them with rhetoric like a "Lowest Price Match" guarantee can keep them happy and decrease shopping cart abandonment. for your customers. On the path to checkout, feature strong testimonials. It's best to offer guest checkout. Jared M. Speel ofr User Interface Engineering conducted teste on this tople. DO 75 percent of people who were forced to ERROR! reglater first never tried to purchase. In one case study, eustomer purchases Inereased by 45 percent after forced Prevent Errors Make sure you have a team monitoring checkout errors at all times to ensure a registration was removed. small error doesn't void a sale." DON'T *Tealeaf research showed a loss of 44 billion in potential revenue because o Hide Shipping Costs minor mistakes. While marketers might want to wait until the last second to include shipping costs, this is a good way to aggravate customers, leading to shopping DO ONLY 1 LEFT iN STOCK! cart abandonment. Estimate shipping costs early or try to offer free or flat shipping, If fiscally viable. Be Up Front About Stock Availability DON'T Inform your customers about an item's availability well before checkout time. Always include item inventory on the product page. SAUE 50% Offer Coupon Codes Unnecessarily NEED HELP? If customers see a coupon code form during checkout, they will ikely leave the site to search for a coupon code. DO DO Only present the coupon code entry form to Follow up customers who are offered a promotion on their Reassure Customers way into the site. Otherwhise it's best to hide Don't wait to let your customer know important info If your shoppers abandon their carts, send a follow-up email offering to help. the field and replace it with some subtle text they may be looking for, it might drive them away. For example, allow customers to see their warranty information upfront. Provide this Information at a time when you feel your customers will have the most anxiety toward a sale. like "Do you have a promotion/coupon code? Click here.". DO | SAVED! One case study saw a 90 percent decrease in conversion because of faulty coupon code placement. Save the Cart If your shoppers do abandon their cart, let them know you're still storing their items for later. Next time they return to the site, remind them of the items they previously selected (preferably in a light box). monetate SOURCES: MONETATE | BRYAN EISENBERG | JARED M. SPOOL | CLICKZ I

Tips To Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

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Shopping cart abandonment remains a major ecommerce concern. To help manage this problem, here are tips to help significantly lower shopping cart abandonment.



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