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Timeline Voip- From the Invention of the Telephone to Voip

Timeline VolP From the invention of the telephone to the VOIP 1876 1927 Alexander Graham Bell Invents the Telephone. The first transatlantic call is made over Radio Wayes 1960 1965 The US telephone system gradually begins converting The first wide area its internal connections computer network is built. arpanet 1969 1974 TeleNet "Telenet"the first public packet data service. The first node is connected to the Arpanet. 1977 1980 Fibre-optic cables are first used for telephone transmission Widespread development of workstations, PCs and LANS. www. ... The National Science Foundation 1984 develops the first wide area network 1985 The internet is a well-established technology supporting a wide community of researchers 1988 The idea for ADSL is introduced 1987 by Joe Leichleder, a Bellcore researcher. Robert Morris sends a worm through the internet, affecting 6 000 arpanet 1989 1990 Arpanet is decommissioned and McGill University releases the Archie search engine. DSL is developed. www www. 1992 1993 The Internet Society is formed and the IETF is transferred to Graphical web browsers, Mosaic, is released by Marc Andreessen at the US operate 1994 1995 Vocal Tec A DSL Forum is formed to help telephone companies and their suppliers The first internet phone software is released by Vocaltec. –†OP 3 IEEE 1996 1997 POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) is published. The original version of IEEE 802.11, the wireless LAN standard, is released. 1998 2005 Three IP switch manufacturers introduce equipment capable of switching. The one-billionth internet user goes online. 2006 2010 Mass-market VOIP services HD Voice Technology came out for Voip Phones over broadband internet access services are popular and successful $65 $74.5 2012 2015 Combined business and Global VOIP Revenues reached $65 Billion residential VolP services market to grow to $74.5 billion 2020 Global VolP services is expected toreach 348.5 million subscribers with revenue of USD 136.76 billion volp Marketplace for IP Products Call us on Mobile: 91- 9873004210|Landine: 011-61107110 [email protected]

Timeline Voip- From the Invention of the Telephone to Voip

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Global voip services is expected to reach 348.5 million subscribers with revenue of USD 136.76 billion. Find here the timeline i.e. from the invention of the telephone to voip



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