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Time for a Break: Break Room Hacks for Workplace Productivity

TIME FOR A BREAK Break Room Hacks For Workplace Productivity A survey of 200 office workers at organizations of all sizes across the U.S. and Canada found: 90% of employers said they encourage breaks But more than ¼ of workers 59% of respondents said regular don't take a break other than lunch breaks would improve workplace happiness 43% said regular breaks would 37% said regular breaks improve personal happiness would improve health GIVE ME A BREAK Even brief diversions Even a Following partial sleep loss, post-lunch nap can improve alertness and aspects of mental and physical performance from a task can 6-minute nap can enhance significantly improve focus for prolonged memory periods processing Short breaks can increase: Concentration Alertness Work speed Decrease the risk for: Stress On-the-job accidents Soreness Musculoskeletal disorders Eye strain And are linked to: -) Smaller waistlines Lower body Lower triglyceride mass index levels HOW TO TAKE SHORT BREAKS AT WORK Factor in a 5-minute standing or walking break every hour Get a drink of water or light snack Stand up and stretch at Get out of your chair for calls your workstation while looking and take walking meetings away from the computer Zzzz Time your java: Since caffeine takes some time to kick in, research suggests a small cup of coffee followed by a short nap immediately after makes for the ultimate power nap For a quick nap stick to 10-20 minutes. Zzzz Longer naps can lead to sleep inertia (aka post-sleep grogginess). Set your cell phone alarm so you don't oversleep PERFECTING THE BREAK ROOM Buy healthy snacks and beverages in bulk so they are always on hand Foods that boost productivity: Berries Seeds and nuts Avocados D.TOBULR YOGURT Yogurt Dark chocolate Green tea Coffee Research shows coffee can: Improve alertness Make us more supportive and mental of each other in performance social situations Prevent cognitive Facilitate decline learning Decrease Increase fatigue concentration One study found 61% of employees feel their employers care about office well-being when hot beverages are provided Another study found 37% of employees would prefer free, daily fresh gourmet beverages including coffee and tea rather than an annual holiday party | Coffee Shop Research shows when office coffee is not provided, 22% of employees will leave the office for coffee or tea for an average of 14-20 minutes a day This means a potential loss of productivity of more than $15,000 every year for an office of 50 people Bulk single-cup coffee pods can allow workers more flavor options Steer clear of: Candy Baked goods Soda Foods that reduce stress: Chamomile tea Oatmeal Oranges fresh milk Nuts and seeds Milk Steer clear of: Energy Candy and Processed foods like drinks sweets chips and cookies Offer comfortable furniture options Steer clear of stark colors and uncomfortable materials Choose tables that can be configured into larger tables for meetings and events Sooth with the right hues Choose stress-reducing paint colors for break room walls Soft, watery blues and greys can slow heart rate and lower blood pressure Aqua shades are calming Disconnect Encourage workers to Avoid work-related disconnect from discussions phones and computers during breaks Get together 50% of workers do not feel valued at work Schedule group lunches or fun team events in the break room to show recognition and appreciation It's important to offer employees a calming, stress-reducing environment for quick breathers increase alertness, memory retention, and productivity, and reduce stress. • • • • • • • • • • • • Designed by Ghergich & Co. Brought to you by: CAFÉ QUILL - A small part of your job is 100% of ours

Time for a Break: Break Room Hacks for Workplace Productivity

shared by Ghergich on Feb 27
It’s no surprise that Americans as a whole are overworked. Being stressed and exhausted is become commonplace for the 9-5 workflow. has created an infographic entitled “Time for a Br...





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