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A Thorough Analysis on Customer Success Vs Customer Experience

VS CUSTOMER SUCCESS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE A THOROUGH ANALYSIS APPROACH CS is proactive, focused on constantly providing new ways for the customer to get value from your service or product. CX is interactive, focused on creating a product for leaving a positive impact of brand on a customer. FOCUS Customer Success focuses on retaining the customer's trust about products in the future. Customer Experience focuses on the response that a customer has for the product today. AIM CS follows a product-driven approach so it aims to maximize the value by helping customers to achieve their goals via product developed by the company. CX follows an experience-driven approach so it aims to attract new customers and maintain a good re- lationship with them. ONBOARDING CS ensures getting value from your product and exposes the customers to the primary features of the product. Thus, it maintains a healthy bond between onboarding materials and business goals. CX ensures clear communication and develops an emotional relationship with customers. Thus, helping them to progress through onboarding materials. SCOPE CS facilitates onboarding, adoption, and prepares for future needs to achieve desired CX ensures managing the experiences at every touchpoint, providing the customer with promotional materials about the product. outcomes by acknowledging customer goals REVENUE GENERATION CS prevents churn by assisting customers to upsell, cross-sell, and renew. This helps in business expansion and thus generates In CX revenue generation is directly proportional to the improvement in customer experience. Improved CX can lead to revenue growth by retaining existing customers. more revenue. The Bottom Line CS and CX are both customer-centric approaches. CS is an operational model carried out in a company to ensure that the customers get value while using their product, whereas CX is a strategy to improve the experience of customers while interacting with your brand. O) 86% of users would pay more for a better CX Users are 2 times more likely to share their bad experiences than the good ones. As per Forrester Research Company. 72% of businesses claim that improving CS is their top priority. Investing to gain new customers is 5 to 25 times nmore expensive than retaining existing customers. By the end of 2020, CX has surpassed the price and product as the key brand differentiator.

A Thorough Analysis on Customer Success Vs Customer Experience

shared by octopustech on Apr 03
Customer Success and Customer Experience both have a different point of view and take a small business to great heights and become a great popular brand with the right kind of customer service. Custom...



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