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Things to Think About When Advertising Internationally

Are you LACTATING? THINGS TO THINK ABOUT WHEN ADVERTISING INTERNATIONALLY LANG UAGE A telecoms company - Orange - launched a successful campaign in the UK. “THE FUTURE'S BRIGHT... The slogan: "The future's bright..the future's Orange" The same campaign had a very different result in the Republic of Ireland "Orange" often refers to the Protestant organization, the Orange Order. It is seen as hostile and sectarian by Irish Catholics. UK IRELAND We all know the “Got Milk?" campaign “ARE YOU LACTATING?" It began in 1993 and is still running strong 1998: The "Got Milk?" slogan The US Dairy Association hit a few snags in translating the slogan to Spanish. The Spanish version allegedly meant "Are you lactating?" Overall the campaign didn't work for Latinos. Being deprived of milk is not humorous. was licensed to MilkPEP (National Milk Processor Board) for celebrity print ads When Coca-Cola launched in China, many small business owners put out signs that phonetically said "Coca-Cola," but translated to "Bite the wax tadpole" or "BITE THE WAX TADPOLE" "wax-flattened mare" Coca-Cola actually marketed itself as “Kekoukele" which translates to “Happiness Power" Coca-Cola Other Chinese brands: Tide: Taizi = "gets rid of dirt" Cadillac: "Ka di la ke" By using different characters it has no meaning CHINA with the same sounds, this could have been "too purple" CULT URE "Appropriate" or "inappropriate" varies widely between nations or regions within nations Marketers should extensively research the local culture before they start a campaign 2005 The Catholic Church in France banned clothing ad 2004 Ad was designed by Marithe and Francois Girbaud. The clothing ad based on da Vinci's Christ's Last Supper. China banned a Nike TV commercial Depicted LeBron James fighting cartoon animated dragons and kung fu masters. The Chinese said it insulted their national dignity. 2007 The Year of the Pig China banned all ads containing pigs to maintain peace with the country's Muslim population (about 2%). Ban included any animated pig or pictures of sausages containing pork. 2013 Charcoal donut advertisement controversy Dunkin Donuts Thailand - Launched ad for the chocolate donut featuring a woman in "blackface" makeup and bright pink lipstick eating the donut. Human Rights Watch (Headquartered in NYC) called the ad "bizarre and racist." Said it would cause "howls of outrage" if it ran in the US. COLOR The symbolism of colors varies around the world. Using the wrong color for an ad can convey the wrong message. COLOR ANGLO-SAXSON GERMANIC LATIN NORDIC SLAVIC CHINESE JAPANESE KOREAN SE ASIA Death Death Death Purity Happiness Death WHITE Mourning Mourning Mourning Mourning High quality Corporate Masculine High quality Trustworthy High quality Cold Trustworthy Evil Warm Cold High quality Trustworthy BLUE Feminine Masculine Envy Envy Pure Love Pure Danger GREEN Good taste Reliable Нарруy Adventure Disease Наррy Jealousy Envy Jealousy Envy Infidelity Pure Envy Наррy Good taste Envy YELLOW Good taste Good taste Royal Masculine Fear Masculine Positive Fear Love Love Love Happiness Lucky Love Anger Jealousy Anger Jealousy Adventure Anger Jealousy RED Lust Good taste Expensive Anger Envy Jealousy Authority Expensive Expensive PURPLE Sin Power Love Love Fear Expensive Fear Fear Fear Expensive Expensive Expensive BLACK Fear Anger Anger Anger Powerful Powerful Powerful Grief Grief Grief Sources:"alw03009/study3.pdf DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Things to Think About When Advertising Internationally

shared by NowSourcing on Nov 04
When advertising internationally you want to make sure your brand stays consistent. This infographic takes a look at things you should consider when advertising overseas.


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