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From Then to Now: Evolution of Resume

From Then to Now: Evolution of Resume Did Leonardo Da Vinci write the first resume? What was the first resume looked like? Let's take a quick backtrack to the past and get to know who and what influenced the evolution of resume writing. 1482 ---- Italian polymath, Leonardo Da Vinci writes the first resume. An English lord traveler offers a 1500 handwritten letter of introduction of acquaintances and calls it his resume. Resumes as an Institution 1930 ---- Employees write resumes on scraps of paper over lunch with employers. 1940 Just like Facebook profiles, resumes include height, age, marital status, weight, and religion of a person. 1950 ---- Resumes are no longer for formalities. They're now expected. 1960 Resumes now include outside interests such as sports and clubs. The Digital Era 1970 ---- Digital typesetting and word processors influence resumes to become more marketable and professional. 1980 ---- The birth of VHS resumes. 1983 First Microsoft Word launches, creating new resume templates. 1985 ---- Online background checking begins. 1986 The Internet Age 1994 1986 The Internet and World Wide Web ---- Microsoft releases RTF (Rich Text Format) go public goes live universal document. is founded. Fax machine as a new and incredible tool to send resumes. 1995 ---- Goodbye, fax machines. Hello, Email! Web 2.0 1996 ---- Adobe releases PDF reader for free, making PDF resume a popular option. 2000 ---- Dot Com (.com) booms big time. 2002 ---- Interactive resume starts. 2003 VIDEO RESUME LinkedIn and The Ladders launch. 2006 2007 More high school students start sending video resumes to colleges. Video resumes hit video-sharing website, YouTube. 2008 ---- Out with resume objectives and in with professional headlines. ---- Social media enters the scene. - LinkedIn starts to dominate employment and networking. The Birth of Modern Resume Linked in 2010 ---- Resumes include social media links of an applicant. ---- Digital curriculum vitae (CV) and infographic resumes are now a thing. You Tuhe in TODAY AND THE FUTURE ---- According to Careerealism, recruiters on LinkedIn reveal an overwhelming preference for shorter and more concise resumes. in G+ esume rofessional w riters SOURCES: BUSINESS INSIDER INC., MASHABLE, UNDERCOVER RECRUITER, GENTIS SOLUTIONS, LLC., CAREEREALISM

From Then to Now: Evolution of Resume

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Our resume stands as our “ticket” to get to our dream jobs. Whoever started it, we owe him/her big time for a more proper way to show how fit we are for the position. But have we ever asked oursel...




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