Ten Truths to Managing the Branded Experience

10 TRUTHS TO MANAGING THE BRANDED EXPERIENCE BRAND INTEGRITY which your is the point at organization achieves its desired brand image while reaching business objectives. It occurs when employees, customers, partners, and the market understand, believe, and experience that you are who and what you say you are. ! A brand strategy is the ultimate business strategy. True branding is about being different, not saying different things. Who Path to Achieving Brand Integrity High BRAND What Culture How branding Experience branding 78% of buying decisions in B2B and B2C businesses are made based on others' perception of a company and the experience it delivers. Communications branding Keller Fay "Talk Track Report," CXPA Report Low Saying the brand Company performance Doing the brand 3 If you think you know your brand image you are probably wrong. Even in a negative economy, customer experience is a high priority for consumers, with 60% often or always paying more for a better experience. 60% Harris Interactive, Customer Experience Impact Report The Customer Loyalty Index: O Likelihood to recommend to others O Satisfaction with overall performance O Likelihood to choose again O Likelihood to continue to buy 4 Only wimps and egomaniacs are afraid to investigate their company's reality. TRUST 8% 91% Two types of experiences to assess and manage: of companies actively follow up on customer feedback, even though 98% take the time to collect it. of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with your organization again EMPLOYEE CUSTOMER MarketTools, Inc. Lee Resource Inc. 5 Marketing and advertising can kill your brand. Turnover Performance 20% 87% Increased employee engagement was accompanied by a 12% increase in customer satisfaction and significant double digit revenue and margin growth over the past three years. Engaged organizations grew profits as much as 3x faster than their competitors. Highly engaged organizations have the potential to reduce staff turnover by 87% and improve performance by 20%. DouG's DINER Practice responsible marketing: Say what you do Do what you say Corporate Leadership Council Serco Study Behaviors and 75% experiences make the invisible visible. "A great ad campaign will make a bad the end result of YOUR BRAND = delivering a branded experience of the general population said they advise friends and family when they've had a bad experience with a product or service. Only 42% said they always recommend a product or service they really like. product fail faster. It will get more people to know it's bad." 2010 Bill Bernbach 2006 Advertising Executive 86% COLLOQUY Survey 59% In 2010, 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience, up from 59% in 2006. 7 Employees are NOT your greatest asset. Harris Interactive, Customer Experience Impact Report Most companies have three types of employees: 8 Gaining buy-in is the only way to execute a brand strategy. The good The ugly Employee beliefs Employee attitudes The bad Star Mediocre Poor performers performers performers The employee and customer experience Employee behaviors The right employees in the right jobs deliver the right experience. Experiences impact productivity, loyalty, and sales. 70% 17% Manage the experience: O Assess consistency of employee behaviors BRAND O Collect and follow-up on customer feedback 70% of engaged employees indicate they have a good understanding of how to meet customer needs; only 17% of non-engaged employees say the same. O Capture, recognize, and share best practices Wright Management 9 Most companies suck at capturing 78% 13% successes and 78% of engaged employees would recommend their company's products of services, against 13% of disengaged employees. recognizing people. Gallup Rewards-only programs don't work. Engage and recognize employees: 10 Only leadership has the power to ensure brand success. Acknowledge and reward employees for delivering the experience Use peer-to-peer recognition to motivate, retain, and empower O Capture and replicate the experience in action Leaders must exert their power to: "Appreciation is the strongest currency in your corporate culture." Gregg Lederman CEO, Brand Integrity PURCHASE INFLUENCE 43% of employees say they receive adequate non-monetary rewards and recognition for their contributions at work. 75% of leaders have no engagement plan or strategy even though 90% say engagement impacts business success. American Psychological Association (APA) by Harris Interactive ACCOR ACHIEVE BRAND C2011 ACHIEVE BRAND INTEGRITY LLC Brandļntegrity INTEGRITY THE EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT COMPANYM * Employee productivity and company profits

Ten Truths to Managing the Branded Experience

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Brand Integrity™ is a software and consulting company that specializes in culture change and customer experience design. While most brand agencies focus on broadcasting brand promises, we focus on p...


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