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Temperature Monitoring

TEMPERATURE MONTORING Temperature monitoring is essential for ensuring product quality and meeting safety requirements. Data Loggers help many companies meet requirements and regulations for a variety of different industries. Check out a few examples below. FOOD/MEAT +75°F 100% Himless Meat Temanrature Data Logger +40°F GUARANTER Himless Transoniver and Repeater COOKING MONITORING COMPLYING TRANSPORTING Smokehouses must monitor temperature levels to ensure that cooking temperatures comply with USDA standards. Recorded temperature data is analyzed to ensure proper temperatures were maintained throughout the cooking and cooling process. Temperature data reports are generated to ensure that Appropriate product temperatures are maintained until the productarrives to the consumer. USDA Standards have been met. VACCINES Vacrine Tempnatue Maritoring System +35°F +40°F Himles sCO2 Yarcine Termpeature Mondoring System Temperature& Hamidly Data Lagger MANUFACTURING REFRIGERATING DISTRIBUTING ADMINISTERING Vaccine manufacturers need to meet specific temperature requirements to ensure product integrity and safety. Refrigeration must meet Quality Control Standards for all vaccine products. Vaccine products are distributed to hospitals and other facilities where storage temperatures are closely monitored. Vaccines are safely administered to consumers. +60°F ARTWORK Humidity & Temperature Dnta logger +70°F Hireless Humicdity & Tempeatre Dnta logger CREATING SHIPPING STORING DISPLAYING Artworkis fragile and must maintain consistent and appropriate temperature and humidity levels for preservation. Artwork must be packaged for shipping and kept atappropriate temperatures to prevent damage during transit. Artwork must be stored in a temperature and humidity When artwork is displayed, proper temperature and humidity levels must be maintained continuously for ongoing preservation. controlled environment at alltimes. MADGETECH Created by the MadgeTech Marketing Team Sources: Resources: - Charloburst/ - FrodvactorVoctoozycom - Bothanne Voc WE BUILD DATA LOGGERS "Vaccine Storage and Handing Vacdne Storageand Handing (2012: 61-74. OC-Contarsfor Discase Control andProventon OC- Contors for Dsaase Control and Provention SAug 2012 Wob 4 May 2015. "http:/,downloadsvax storagepd PSIS Safoty and socurity Guiddinesfor the tasportation and ostribution of Moat, Poulty, andEgg Products Wachingon D.C:u.S Dept. of Agicuture, Food Safoty and inspocion Savice, 2003. PSIS FSS, no 200E. Web. 4 May 2005. "hp://www.fas.usdagow/shared/POF/Traneportati on_Sacurity_Gidolines.pd "What EffectsDoExposuroto Tomparturoand Humidty Havoon aMsoum'sColoctions?"PhiladdphiaMusoumof At. Philaddphia Musoumof At,nd Wob. O6 May 2015 http/ · Hasins. Scon M."What is The Bost Tomporatro For Atworke -3 Tips To Protoct Savo Your SftN.p. 200e wob. DE May 2005. "hmp://www.saveyoursaftcom/blog/savoyour st/what s-tho-bost- tomporaturo-for artwork3ps-to-protoct/" | Ph. (603) 456.2011 | Fax (603) 456.2012

Temperature Monitoring

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Accurate and continuous temperature monitoring is a critical task for a wide variety of industries. Temperature levels have a lot to do with ensuring that harmful bacteria is eliminated where needed. ...




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