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is TELEWORK the Future? రల 1-5 workers worldwide telecommute particularly employees in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia 8888 1 88888 work from home every day Telecommuting around the World: INDIA INDONE SIA MEXICO 57% 34% 30% of workers of workers of workers More than 50%% of people in Russia, South Africa and Argentina said they would WORK REMOTELY often if given the opportunity. Telecommuting in the USA: 23% of US workers telecommuted in 2009 **** *** 43% of US workers will telecommute by z016 If the 40% of the U.S. population that holds telework-compatible jobs and wants to work from home did so half of the time, then: The USA would save over Would reduce Reduce greenhouse gases by the equivalent of taking oil consumption by $650 280 billion million barrels of oil / year / year million cars / year Zz... 2-3 Workers claim increased PRÓDUCTIVITY working at home Telecommuters are MORE PRODUCTIVE than those who work in an office 80% - 70% - 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% Indonesia China Russia Sweden Australia India Argentina UK South Africa Saudi Arabia South Korea 4.5 workers agreed that telecommuters have less stress If the opportunity was made available by their employer ... 34% of workers said they would be very likely to telecommute FULL-TIME. Brought to you by STAFF.COM - the global platform for hiring teleworkers The following web sites have been cited in the creation of this graphic: • • bjectid=RES46635 • -revolution/ • "Lister, Kate, Principal Researcher at the Telework Research Network and co-author of Undress For Success-The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home, John Wiley & Sons 2009, ISBN 978- 0-470-38332-2". • Productivity-Drains-Bond/ba-p/2070 ............... %24 Poland Brazil USA Japan


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Is TELEWORK the Future?



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