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Technology Predictions for the Office of the Future

CHILL SPACE Nanopaint allows for customisable patterns, and even interactive games, on all walls. Auto-inflating beanbags: just throw them on the ground and they'll inflate on the way, creating an instant and comfortable seat! ROOF GARDEN Hammocks will offer a relaxing place to rest and unwind during breaks. Sleep pods, for when you need a relaxing bit of shut-eye during a stressful day. Just pull the visor down and nod off! A vegetable patch will grow food for the office and please green-fingered workers. Or if you prefer to stay awake, guided meditation sessions will be offered to help you relax and clear your mind. Birds and other wildlife will frequent these 3D, virtual reality headsets will offer unparallelled entertainment opportunities - much better than the 2D video games of today! green spaces. Sometimes the tried and tested methods are the best. A giant slide provides a quick and fun way to get back downstairs. OFFICE SPACE MEETING ROOM Nanopaint will also allow for fully interactive displays on any surface - presentations will be a breeze! Telepresence robots will allow absent people to attend meetings in real time. Graphene and nanotech will be used to create folding tech: unfold your phone to a tablet, then unfold that to a desktop! Holograms will do the same, allowing employees to work from home. Adjustable desks will allow you to work standing up, meaning better posture and greater comfort throughout the day. Tabletop screens, controlled by familiar gestures, will allow easy collaboration. Thanks to advances in medical technology, allergies will be cured and all offices will be able to have pets! Sophisticated software will offer instantaneous translations. RECEPTION KITCHEN Driverless cars will be commonplace: no more driving stress! A biometric fridge will recognise who's opening it, and present only their food. Smart stacking parking spaces will massively increase parking capacity. A 3D food printer will allow popular snacks to be printed instantly. A holographic receptionist, complete with helpful A.I., will greet visitors. A robotic tea tray will automatically make and bring your tea or coffee. Biometric scanning will allow quick and easy entrance to the office. Smart trays will scan your meal and give you full nutritional information. BATHROOM A good old fashioned ball pit will prevent any rough slide landings. Smart hand dryers will detect whether your hands are clean enough. A diagnostic toilet will analyse input and let you know whether you are healthy. Composting toilets will reduce waste and improve environmental footprint.

Technology Predictions for the Office of the Future

shared by mmmfozz on May 01
Using a collective of Futurologists, stress experts, and business leaders, Plusnet have designed an urban office that is predicted to be the norm in the not-so-distant future!


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