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Taxing America's Largest Corporations

Taxing America's Largest Corporations How Much Do America's Largest Corporations Make and Pay on Income Tax? The taxes paid (and not paid) by the rich have been front and center lately as people gather on Wall Street with the government's policies. But are our big money-makers, like Exxon and Wal-Mart, paying their fair share of taxes? Read on to learn the facts. and around the nation to voice their frustration Exxon Conoco- Phillips Goldman Sachs Chevron Wells Fargo Wal-Mart Business Sector A Bank. Communications $198 $32 $12.9 $19 $22 9 Consumer Goods BLLION BILLION BILLION $52 BILLION BILLION Food/Drink Tax Role 40% Tax Role % Tax Raie 24% Tax Ro BILLION O Misc. PRETAX INCOME Oil $4.5 $8.3 $6.3 $7.1 $12.9 BILLION Retail BILLION BILLION BILLION 45% Tax Rate BILLION Technology Berkshire Hathaway Procter & Gamble Chase Intel Microsoft IBM $21.6 $24.9 $15 $25 BILLION $19.7 $19 $16 BILLION BILION BILLION BILLION BILLION BILLION INCOME TAX 27.3% TO 2% TOx Role .8% Tox Ro 30.% Tax RO 25% Tax RO $5.6 $4.6 $4.1 $4.9 $7.5 $6.25 BILLION BILLION BILLION BILION BILLION BILLION Johnson & Johnson General Electric Apple Hewlett- Packard Google Citigroup Coca-Cola AT&T $18.5 $17 $10.8 $1 $132 $14.2 $14.2 $18.2 BILLION BILLION BILLION BILLION BILION BILLION BILLION BLUON Tox Rate 21% % Tax Rote % Tex Roe Tox Rote 16.7% C.% Tox Ro $4.5 $3.6 BILION $2.3 $2.2 $2.2 $2.4 $1.05 $1.05 BILION BILLION BILION BILLION BILLION BILLION BILUON REBATE SOURCES: FORBES

Taxing America's Largest Corporations

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Taxes. If the word makes you wince, you’re not alone – even America’s biggest corporations have to pay them. Still, some corporations (like Conoco-Phillips) pay a whopping 42% effective tax rate...




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